Umar Cassim: From Sneakers to Riches

Sneakers to Riches

The world of business loves a good success story for many of the same reasons as everyone else. The success of others, especially success achieved despite overwhelming odds, serves to inspire us to do better. 

Aside from their emotional impact, they also serve as models to be imitated, serving as guides on what to do and what not to do in order to become successful. These stories also show how people can become successful regardless of their circumstances.

The story of Umar Cassim, whose life in business started when he was only fourteen years old, serves as a blueprint for aspiring young entrepreneurs. Needing money for high school, Umar decided to earn on the side through the buying-and-selling of sneakers. 

In gaining increasing prominence through his business on Instagram, Umar correctly saw an entirely new opportunity and decided to grab the chance. Using his savings from flipping sneakers, Umar decided to invest in a few social media campaigns to rebrand and put himself in the spotlight. 

Leaving behind sneaker reselling entirely, Umar used the marketing knowledge he earned to showcase himself as an up-and-coming social media marketer. Likely due to his initial success as a sneaker reseller, companies quickly took notice of his services. Never one to back down from a challenge or disappoint, Umar quickly established a reputation through the quality of his services as well as his honesty and integrity as a marketer. 

By building solid relationships with his ever-expanding clientele, Umar was eventually able to build his formidable social media empire. At sixteen years old, Umar’s successes include owning and running numerous Instagram accounts for a variety of prominent companies, working relationships with various celebrities, and a six-figure annual salary from his marketing agency. 

When prompted about his success, Umar not only cites his passion and love of his craft but also the examples that others have set before him. Aside from his meticulous study of the strategies followed by great entrepreneurs, Umar also gets his motivation by envisioning himself living the ideal lifestyle that his idols have previously strived toward.

His journey, of course, was not without difficulty. Umar admits that he has had trouble in trusting the wrong people early in his career, a mistake that cost him thousands of dollars. Aside from this, he also mentions the prevalence of naysayers who tell him he can’t achieve his goals. 

Far from being disheartened, Umar instead takes the good with the bad and learns from his mistakes. As to his doubters, he uses the desire to prove them wrong as an added driving force. 

Despite his accomplishments, Umar’s hunger for success is stronger than ever. Although he is currently starting his own clothing brand e-commerce stores, Umar is also aware of his limitations and life beyond business. 

He is currently investing his savings in real estate, which he hopes will provide passive income so he may devote time in the future to his family. While he’s currently focused on business, Umar makes it clear that he wants to give back by sharing his success with the less fortunate. In doing so, he wants to inspire young entrepreneurs to become not only successful but also socially conscious businessmen.

You can follow Umar Cassim on his Instagram: @itsumarc7.

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