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Jasper made a change on May 2nd, 2023, in their plans and pricing structure. They removed the “word credits” system and introduced all paid plans with unlimited words written by Jasper. The old plans, Starter and Boss Mode, were difficult to differentiate between. They were sunsetted and replaced with Creator and Teams plans more clearly tailored to different users depending on the required features. A Business Plan was also created for larger companies, including powerful features. All plans come equipped with the Brand Voice & Memory to ensure users can always stay consistent with their brand when using AI-powered writing software.

With several pricing plans, customers can select the most suitable option for their requirements. The Creator plan, priced at $49 per month, targets freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of generative AI technology to automate their work. For those needing a more encompassing solution, the Teams plan, starting at $125 per month, extends unlimited word access and caters to up to three users.

The Jasper AI platform also offers a seven-day free trial, providing prospective users with a risk-free opportunity to explore its capabilities before committing to a paid plan. This trial period allows new subscribers to experience exceptional content generation services and understand how adaptable pricing plans can enhance their workflow and bolster their businesses.

Jasper AI Pricing Overview

Jasper AI offers a variety of pricing plans, ensuring options for freelancers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes. Keeping content creation affordable and customizable, these plans cater to different budgets and needs.

Free Trial

Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to explore the platform and its features before committing to a plan. This trial period allows potential customers to get a feel for content generation and quality output.

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan option is suited for those who prefer to pay monthly. The notable monthly plan is the Creator Mode, which costs $49 monthly ($39 if paid annually). This plan includes unlimited AI-generated words, access to 50+ templates, one brand voice, 50 memories, and seats for individual users.

Annual Plan

The annual plan offers significant savings for those willing to pay upfront for a full year. It comes with a 17% discount compared to the monthly price. The Boss Mode Annual Plan is $39 per month or $468 per year, saving users $120 per year compared to the monthly billing rate.

Plan Price Savings
Creator Mode Annual $468/year ($39/mo) $120

Custom Business Plan

Custom plans are available for larger organizations or agencies to accommodate unique requirements and preferences. These plans offer access, features, and pricing structure flexibility, making them ideal for small teams or businesses with specific content creation needs.

In summary, Jasper AI’s pricing plans cater to various user profiles while maintaining affordability and flexibility. Users can choose from free trials, monthly and annual plans, or even custom plans tailored to the unique needs of businesses and organizations.

Pricing Plans Features

Teams Plan

The Teams Plan costs $125 monthly (or $99 per month if paid annually)  and is designed for collaborative work, allowing up to 3 users to create content. Users can access up to 3 distinct brand voices, customization options, and personal settings. The Teams Plan includes:

  • Unlimited words
  • Support
  • 50+ templates
  • Custom templates
  • Plagiarism checker

Creator Plan

The Creator Plan is priced at $49 monthly, targeting freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This plan is optimized for solo users and includes the following features:

  • Unlimited words
  • Support
  • 50+ templates
  • One personal brand voice
  • Plagiarism checker

Product Descriptions

The various pricing plans provide templates and tools to create engaging product descriptions. Users can use short-form and long-form content generators to produce creative product descriptions.

Short-Form Content

Jasper’s short-form content generation focuses on headlines, social media posts, ad copy, and more. The 50+ templates in the plans offer a wide range of options for creating a concise and engaging copy with a consistent tone of voice.

Long-Form Content

For those in need of more in-depth content, such as blog posts, articles, and reports, Jasper’s plans support long-form content generation. With the help of built-in grammar and SEO features, users can generate well-structured and optimized content for their target audience.


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Integration with External Tools


Jasper AI offers an API for those who wish to integrate the platform into their existing applications, tools, or workflows. The API enables developers to programmatically access and utilize Jasper’s AI-powered content generation features. This can be useful for automating content creation tasks, scaling content production, or customizing user experiences with AI-generated text.


While Jasper AI doesn’t include native support for Single Sign-On (SSO), large organizations and businesses with custom IT infrastructure might need to implement SSO for seamless user access and improved security. In such cases, organizations can work with their identity provider for Jasper AI integration using API-based methods or by considering alternative solutions.

surfer seo


SurferSEO is a tool that helps optimize content for search engines by providing data-driven insights regarding keywords, readability, and structure. Jasper AI doesn’t natively integrate with SurferSEO. Still, users can easily incorporate these insights by copying generated content from Jasper AI into SurferSEO and making data-driven content adjustments to align with their SEO strategy.


Grammarly is a popular grammar and spelling checker that can help users to ensure their content is clear, concise, and professional. Jasper AI doesn’t have a direct integration with Grammarly, but users can copy and paste their AI-generated content into Grammarly’s editor for review and improvement. This allows for quick and efficient proofreading and ensures the final output is polished and error-free.


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Languages and Brand Voice

Language Models

Jasper AI employs advanced language models to understand and generate content in multiple languages. The cutting-edge technology behind these models makes it possible for Jasper AI to assist users in crafting various types of content.

25+ Languages

With its extensive language support, Jasper AI caters to users across the globe. The AI writing tool currently supports over 25 languages, making it a versatile solution for individuals and businesses. Some of the supported languages include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • And more

AI Writing Tool

Jasper AI is designed to easily create high-quality written content by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Its advanced language models and extensive language support make it a valuable tool for users wanting to generate content in their preferred languages while adhering to their unique brand voice. This tool is particularly beneficial for generating short-form content like ads, product descriptions, social media posts and improving existing copy.

While using Jasper AI, users can define their brand voice to ensure that the AI-generated content matches their desired tone, style, and branding guidelines. The Brand Voice feature allows users to provide specific background information and guidelines about their brand, enabling Jasper AI to create content that accurately represents and maintains a consistent brand voice across various content types.

User Interface and Collaboration

Jasper AI offers an intuitive user interface for seamless collaboration among team members. The platform provides essential features that streamline content creation processes, such as user logins, project folders, and workflows.

User Logins

Jasper AI enables secure access to the platform through individual user logins. This feature ensures that each member of an organization can access and manage their projects without compromising privacy and security.

  • Easy account creation and login options
  • Personalized dashboard for each user
  • Secure authentication process for protection against unauthorized access

Project Folders

The platform supports an organized structure for project management by using project folders. This feature allows teams to categorize their content into separate folders, making locating and managing content more easily.

  • Create and organize folders based on project themes or types
  • Share your folders with team members to enhance collaboration
  • Move or copy the content to different folders for better project organization


Jasper AI’s workflow capabilities facilitate efficient content creation and editing processes. The platform helps teams develop a streamlined content pipeline, from ideation to finalization, ensuring that all team members are on the same page.

  • Assign tasks to team members and set deadlines
  • Use commenting and suggestions features for seamless communication
  • Track progress and manage revisions with version control

Content Generation Capabilities

Jasper AI offers a range of content generation capabilities, making it a versatile tool for writers, marketers, and content creators. The platform utilizes the powerful GPT-4 language model, which enables users to create engaging and high-quality content across various formats.

SEO-Friendly Content

One of the key strengths of Jasper AI is its ability to generate SEO-friendly content. The AI assistant can help improve your content’s search engine rankings by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, increasing visibility and traffic. Some features of Jasper AI’s SEO-friendly content generation include:

  • Automatic keyword integration
  • Optimization of content for readability
  • Well-structured formatting

Social Media Posts

Regarding social media, crafting the perfect post can be challenging. Jasper AI simplifies this task by providing users with the tools to create engaging and visually appealing social media content. Users can leverage various templates and customizable options to generate content that resonates with their target audience.

  • Pre-made templates tailored for various platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Incorporation of popular hashtags and trending topics
  • Scheduling and automation capabilities for consistent posting


With Jasper AI, staying informed and creating content about current events has never been easier. The platform’s news creation capabilities help users generate articles and summaries on various topics, from art and culture to politics and technology.

  • Automatic sourcing of relevant news articles
  • Generation of news summaries and opinion pieces
  • Integration of images, videos, and other media elements for a richer content experience

Overall, the diverse content generation capabilities of Jasper AI make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create high-quality content across different formats and platforms.

Customer Support and Onboarding

Live Chat

Jasper AI offers live chat support for its users, ensuring they have access to help when needed. This can be particularly useful if users encounter any issues or have questions regarding the platform. The live chat support also allows for quick resolution of problems, ensuring users can get back to creating content efficiently.


To provide a smooth onboarding experience, Jasper AI offers various resources that help its users get started with the platform. These can include step-by-step tutorials, webinars, and video walkthroughs. By employing these resources, users can quickly understand how to use Jasper AI for their content creation needs while also getting acquainted with the platform’s features and tools. The onboarding process aims to make users feel confident in utilizing Jasper AI for their unique requirements.

Customer Success Manager

Jasper AI may assign a dedicated customer success manager for some pricing plans or larger clients. These customer success managers ensure the user has all the necessary resources and support to get the most out of the platform. Their role involves understanding the user’s goals, recommending best practices, and ensuring overall satisfaction with Jasper AI’s services.

In summary, the combination of live chat, onboarding materials, and potentially a dedicated customer success manager ensures that users have a seamless and positive experience with Jasper AI from the beginning.

Security and Privacy

Jasper AI takes security and privacy seriously for its users. The platform is web-hosted and is designed with access control, cloud hosting, and data retention requirements in mind. This helps ensure your data is safeguarded and secure while using the tool.

Regarding privacy, Jasper AI is committed to protecting users’ personal information. They implement top-notch security measures and adhere to industry standards to encrypt and safeguard user data. This gives users peace of mind, and fosters trust in the platform’s dedication to maintaining privacy. The AI models are not trained on user data, which is encrypted.

  • Access control: Jasper AI’s web-hosted platform only restricts access permissions to authorized users.
  • Cloud hosting: Jasper AI’s cloud-based infrastructure provides a reliable and secure hosting environment.
  • Data retention: Jasper AI has policies to manage and retain user data for appropriate durations securely.

In addition to these security measures, users must understand the steps they can take to preserve their data privacy. Utilizing strong and unique passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, and being cautious with the information shared online will further strengthen individual security and privacy.

While Jasper AI is continually working on enhancing its security and privacy practices, users must stay informed about potential risks and applicable security measures to maximize their protection when using the platform.


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What plans does Jasper AI offer?

Jasper AI has just simplified its plans

  • Creator: For freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to apply Generative AI to automate their daily work in their personalized Brand Voice. Priced at $49/mo when billed monthly or with 17% discount when billed annually.
  • Teams: Ideal for teams of up to 10 users, at an additional $49/user/mo when billed annually.
  • Business: Designed for larger organizations requiring a scalable and customizable AI platform. Business pricing is custom based on individual requirements.

A free trial of Jasper AI is also available to test the platform’s capabilities.

What is included in the Creator plan?

The Creator plan offers:

  • Unlimited* words generated by AI
  • 1 seat
  • Access to over 50 templates
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Are there any discounts available?

Jasper AI provides a 17% discount on the Creator plan when billed annually instead of monthly, effectively lowering the monthly cost to $49 instead of $59.

Who can benefit from the Boss Mode plan?

The boss mode plan has been folded into the new plans.

Additionally, consider exploring Jasper AI’s website for further information on all plans, pricing, features, and additional services provided to help make an informed decision.


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