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TRUiC Launched a New AI-Powered Logo Maker

Building a successful business requires a strong brand – which is the perception others have of your company. As you go about branding your business, you need to express your brand identity through tangible expressions of your brand. These include your logo, colors, typography, voice, etc.

One of the most integral parts of making your brand successful and recognized is its logo. Whether you create a logo that has an image, text, or a combination of the two, the symbol must grab the attention of your audience and make a strong first impression.

Why does your business need a well-designed logo?

An unprofessional looking logo creates doubts about your business’ ability to deliver its services or products. A strong, professional-looking logo ensures people remember your brand. It can help create positive associations because it creates a symbolic connection to your consumers’ memories and emotions.

Approaching the design process of your logo can appear quite intimidating, even if you get an expert to do it for you. If you want to effortlessly brand your small business with the best logo design, there is a clever new tool to assist you.

Creating a logo that connects with your audience

TRUiC Logo Maker was recently launched by TRUiC. With just a few clicks, the AI-powered logo design tool allows you to create a high-resolution professional logo that requires no design experience. The logo tool is free to use and allows you to customize and download your design as you please.

Easy to Use

Start by entering your business name; you can also add a tagline or slogan if desired. The TRUiC Logo Maker takes you through the step-by-step process that allows you to generate a memorable logo.

First, choose if you want a graphic or text logo. The drop-down menu lets you select your industry, font style, and color palette. The generator then provides logo design choices from its vast variety of tailored graphics, fonts, and colors.

Customize your favorite design

The TRUiC Logo Maker allows you to explore all its options. You can generate as many logo designs as you want at no cost, and you can download your favorite ones to test.

Once you have decided on the logo design that separates you from the competition, you can further customize it by changing color or font. You also cannot lose your original design. If the changes you made are not to your liking, you go back to your original design with the reset button to try other ideas.

Typography and color are important when creating a brand and logo. Colors must be wisely chosen because they trigger emotions and meaning. When used consistently, colors improve brand recognition, and certain colors are used more by some industries because they communicate certain emotions. Also, some of the tricks used by powerful brands include the use of simple color palettes of up to three main colors. They also prefer to use solid colors rather than gradients.

Typography choices also depend on the tone of voice and personality that you want to set. The use of an elegant, traditional, modern, and whimsical font depends on how you want your business represented.

Hassle-free download

With TRUiC’s Logo Maker, you don’t need to sign-up or provide an email address. Once you have decided on a logo design, you can simply download it and it’s yours to use immediately.

The downloaded logo design is available in scalable vector graphic (SVG) file format. This means you can edit it and resize it according to your branding materials without losing out on quality.

A bonus of using the TRUiC Logo Maker is the designs generated are ready to use on all social media platforms.

Ensuring a unique and trademarked logo

Before starting to use the logo generated, make sure it’s unique by conducting a trademark search and doing a reverse image search on Google. A trademark search can be done by a specialized trademark lawyer.

This will show you if another business is using it or a similar logo. You can also trademark your brand, so no other business can use it.

Capture your audience and foster brand loyalty with your new logo

Utilize your newly generated logo to communicate with your audience online or with more traditional promotional marketing materials. Besides your business branding, also use your logo to brand your social media pages and build your business website.

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