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How Startups Use TRUiC’s AI Tools To Generate Business Names

Business name generators are one of the best tools to help you come up with original yet captivating business names, and with TRUiC’s business name generator, users are able to generate business names that already have an available domain name. 

One of the first things business owners are required to do before they can register their company or even conduct business is come up with a unique and memorable business name. In the U.S. the number of small businesses reached 31.7 million by 2020, increasing by 3,15% from last year and by 7,09% over a three year period starting in 2017. The Small Businesses Association (SBA), estimates that 600,000 new startups are launched every year in the U.S. alone, and they all needed to come up with a business name that represents the essence of their company.

The TRUiC Business Name Generator explained

Many business owners who came up with a business name that represented everything there is to know about their business did not do so alone. Countless startups turned to TRUiC’s AI tools, especially their business name generator to assist them with coming up with the best business name possible.  

We all know that choosing a business name is one of the first key steps to forming a business and TRUiC’s free business name generator can help business owners in three simple steps. The first is to insert words into TRUiC’s business name generator that you want included in the business name, the second step involves picking one or shortlisting a few business names that were generated and the third step is to finalize your business name and check its domain availability. 

TRUiC’s business name generator works according to very specific, wide-ranging categories, including wine stores, retails stores, jewelry stores, dog breeding businesses, delivery services, soap productions, car repair shops and so much more. The list of industry categories that TRUiC’s business name generator draws from is impressive to say the least, especially compared to other business name generators. 

TRUiC gives business owners an easy way out for an online presence

Unlike other business name generators, the business names generated by TRUiC’s business name generator are also checked for .COM domain availability. Startup owners therefore have no need to worry about the availability of their domain name, they can easily use their business name directly in their company’s web address. The business’ domain name will contain some parts,if not all the parts of the business name as it was originally generated. This is crucial as businesses these days find it very difficult to survive without an online presence. 

It is expected that by the end of 2021, more than 2 billion people worldwide will be purchasing goods and services through e-commerce shops to the value of $600 billion, increasing by $56.4 billion from the previous year. Online stores as well as physical businesses with an online presence are thus better equipped to service their customers regardless of customer preferences or shopping habits. Businesses with an online presence are considered significantly more trustworthy, and they are able to reach their audience remotely irrespective of issues like distance, movement restrictions, and time, that may disrupt customer communication and prevent potential sales. 

TRUiC is designed to assist small business owners and startups 

Considering the current rate of business startups in the U.S., it is inconceivable to think that business owners will be able come up with a business name that is originally and not yet registered without the assistance of AI tools like TRUiC’s business name generator. With TRUiC’s business name generator, business owners can now avoid the tedious process of manually brainstorming names, creating a shortlist of names, verifying their chosen business name and then checking whether their business name is available as a domain name before they can finally register their business or create their business website. The entire process is made simple by TRUiC. 

Besides their business name generator, TRUiC’s range of AI tools also include their business idea generator as well as their domain name generator if your business name is already registered but you simply require a suitable domain name to create an online presence for your business. 


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