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Traders Union Reveals Fidelcrest Scaling plan packages

Traders Union Reveals Fidelcrest Scaling plan packages

Are you a Forex trader interested in trading but have limited capital? Then, the Fidelcrest scaling plan is all you need. Fidelcrest Scaling is a plan that doubles your initial capital within 12 months of completing your professional account trading period. 

Experts from Traders Union revealed the various Fidelcrest scaling plan packages and their benefits. Continue reading to learn more about these packages.

Fidelcrest Scaling offers flexible packages tailored to suit your trading needs, allowing you to choose the ideal plan for maximizing your capital growth.

What is Fidelcrest Scaling Plan? 

Fidelcrest’s scaling plan allows you to double your starting account balance in 12 months. You will, however, be eligible for the program only when you have completed the Professional Account trading time.

If you join the Fidelcrest Scaling plan, Fidelcrest will deposit 25% of your original capital into your account. Only if you meet Fidelcrest’s conditions will the addition be made every three months.

Fidelcrest is one of the trustworthy platforms. Unlike other prop companies, your money will never be at risk. However, you should contact Fidelcrest and familiarize yourself with the rules.

Your capital will grow whenever you use the Fidelcrest scaling programs. According to Traders Union experts, traders must meet the conditions (which you will learn about in the following sections) before your account will be credited.

Fidelcrest scaling plan packages

Fidelcrest offers two types of Programs:

  •     Fidelcrest Trader Normal
  •     Fidelcrest Trader Aggressive.

Both plans have nearly identical starting money. However, there is a distinction in account pricing and risk type. The risk for the Fidelcrest Trader Normal program is medium, while the Aggressive strategy risk is aggressive. The profit split for conventional campaigns is 80%, while the profit split for aggressive initiatives is 90%. Both packages have access to the scaling strategy.

Evaluation program account rules

Traders Union revealed that a trader must meet conditions to be eligible for the Fidelcrest Scaling plan. Because you will receive a 25% increase in capital, the following rules must be followed:

  •     The traders must gain 5% on their account for three months, a total gain of 15%.
  •     After three months, the traders must be profitable and be on a good note.
  •     After three months, the trader’s outstanding balance must be more than the Professional Account’s starting balance.
  •     If your balance is smaller than the starting balance of your Professional account, you will receive a 25% increase in your account once you are positive at the end of the trading plan.

You will receive a 25% raise every three months if you meet the criteria above.

Example of scaling plan Fidelcrest

If you are new to the Fidelcrest Scaling Plan, you will need assistance determining how to proceed with trading. If you consider yourself a skilled trader, this will be no problem. Consider the case of James, a trader who develops his account from $10,000 to $20,000 by sticking to his trading strategy.

James is a rookie trader who began trading around a year ago. He put in a lot of practice time but needed more funds to put his skills to work. As a result, he has joined a prop business and is actively involved in the Fidelcrest Scaling Plan.

James’ initial investment is $10,000. James’ capital climbs to $12,500 when he consistently meets Fidelcrest’s conditions. This will continue for a year as long as James meets the requirements. After a year, James’s standing capital will be $20,000. However, James must maintain his consistency. If he fails to meet the criterion at any point, he will not receive the 25% growth in capital. Once he meets the standards, the 25% increase will be applied to his capital that month.

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