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Traders Union rates the Top 10 Forex Educators and Mentors for 2023

Traders Union rates the Top 10 Forex Educators and Mentors for 2023

Forex trading can be a good way to gain money, but you must conduct a thorough study. Forex trading has numerous risks, and you may lose significant money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before beginning to trade, learning as much as possible about the market and how it operates is critical.  

Numerous resources are available online and in books to assist you in learning about FX trading. One such is by following Forex educators and having a mentor. Traders Union experts explained how to choose the best Forex Educators and review the best Forex mentors.  

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How to choose the Best Forex Educator?

Choosing the best Forex educator to learn from does not have to be difficult. You may follow every Forex coach on this list via social media and firms that allow social trading. That way, you can benefit from their signals and social trading.

Aside from that, there are some characteristics to look for in a Forex Educator. Conduct research and read reviews of their product offerings, such as Forex classes or books. Traders Union experts advise not looking for reviews and ratings on a mentor’s website. Look instead at aggregate review sites and review sites for a more honest, in-depth look at the quality of their courses.

Top 10 Forex Educators 

According to Traders Union experts, the top 10 most popular and most followed Forex Educators are;

Ezekiel Chew

He Founded Ezekiel Chew and is widely considered the best Forex educator because of his experience and know-how in the Forex industry. Chew is Asian Forex Mentor’s leading Forex coach. Traders can benefit from a thorough and tailored learning method through their curriculum. 

Clay Hodges

Clay Hodges, the owner of the Ronin Forex club, is a trainer and lecturer for inexperienced Forex investors. Well-known for assisting traders in locating resources to obtain finance from other sources. Clay’s Traders Education and Community Programs aim to educate traders on the fundamentals of trading psychology and various FX methods. 

Chris Hunter

HunterFX, a trading community and mentorship program, was founded by Chris Hunter. The goal of Chris’ platform is to provide a light, enjoyable, and simple trading atmosphere in which traders may not only feel at ease but also learn the ins and outs of Forex trading and network with one another. 

Roman Patterson

Roman Patterson founded Phoenix Capital Group. Roman provides weekly market breakdowns, trade evaluations, and tips for beginner traders through his premium chat. Every month, his service has been continuously lucrative with their Forex trading, so the evidence is obviously in the pudding.

Matthew Todd 

Matthew Todd is a well-known Forex trader, thanks to his popular YouTube live sessions. He is the creator of Todd Capital Group, a mentoring service. Matthew’s YouTube channel is routinely updated with instructive films for anyone who wants a taste of what he can give regarding Forex advice.

Tamia BJ 

Tamia BJ founded SIMPLY Rich. He is a Forex mentor and educator. Tamia’s mission is to teach his students, mainly, how to make investment income without spending all day trading. Her mentorship program, “Learn to trade in 6 SIMPLE days,” is specifically created to help inexperienced aspiring Forex traders learn how to get started.

Nick Syiek

Nick Syiek is a social media influencer, investor, and entrepreneur with a large following. He founded A1, a trading firm and mentorship program. His YouTube program, where he delves into the fundamentals and complexity of foreign currency, is also popular with rookie traders.

Andrew Mitchen

Andrew Mitchen is a trader who founded “The Forex Trading Coach.” This firm focuses on mentoring traders who wish to become self-sufficient and extremely profitable. This global program is highly valued and popular in over fifty nations worldwide.

Marc Walton 

Marc Walton has been a well-known Forex trader for many years. One of Marc’s best qualities is being open about his Forex mistakes, such as losing $20,000 in his first three years before discovering success.

Vladimir Ribakov 

Vladimir Ribakov is an expert Forex trader and coach. His trading club is called Traders Academy Club, and he also maintains a Forex blog chock-full of trading training materials. His club has expanded significantly in recent years and now provides a wealth of educational materials, trade ideas, chart analyses, and live trading room sessions.

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