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Captivity and Betrayal: A Victim’s Tale of Abuse and Deceit

I’m Emre BARDAN – @GLAMHAIRARTIST, an Australian influencer. I went through a terrible ordeal where I was raped and assaulted by a man named Anton P in California and Mexico. To make things worse, Anton P threatened to kill me, causing me harm and trauma. This experience will always stay with me and has significantly impacted my life.

I have the video of the bruises he did to me with knives, the sexual assault, and how he drugged and raped me for his advantage.

In January, I traveled from New York City to Palm Springs. I stayed there for about 3 months for work-related stuff as a stripper, dancer, and social media influencer. While I was there, I met a guy named Anton Prack online, and he invited me to his place for drinks. When I arrived, he seemed like a dream person to be around, but I soon realized he had everything planned to ruin my life. He had drugged and spiked my drink, and I remember throwing a trash bag he gave me, which his team later wrote about in a Prince Harry Winstons e-book I had bought. That they hacked in with devices from his entourage. However, his team edited my book while I was in the United States, and I found out about it later in Hawaii.

Anton directed the Uber driver to his place close to the tennis court. The lady driver told me cameras were everywhere, and I was being recorded, which I was okay with then. However, things took a dark turn later on, and I felt trapped.

During my stay, Anton blocked all my devices, including my laptop and two mobile phones, and took away my cash and credit cards. He had also taken me to my hotel, named Cole Hotel in Palm Springs, and asked me to store my luggage at his place. I believed him and thought he was good, but he had everything planned out from the beginning.

I stayed with Anton Prack for three nights after we met online. He convinced me to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, even though I suggested the Bahamas. Since I’m a travel influencer, I was okay with it. He bought us first-class tickets from Alaska Airlines to fly from LAX Airport on Saturday at 8 am.


We got to Mexico and bought alcohol for our luxury penthouse Airbnb party. Anton gifted me a laptop and an Apple phone, which seemed nice at first, but it turned out that they were already set up for him to contact his IT people and contacts to hack into my devices.

I was at Industry Night Club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with the two couples Anton was in contact with when my drinks spiked. One of the guys was taking videos of us partying, and I had some drinks that made me feel completely out of it. I don’t remember much, but I recall seeing a lot of pink powder.


We had fun at the club, but after a few hours, the friends left with my belongings and some money. They returned to the penthouse and showed Anton my dance videos [after spiking my drink, which had affected my behavior].

After leaving the club, I returned to the penthouse with two guys trying to help me walk. I found a letter from Anton, who had already left for LAX Airport, leaving me without support even though I had dropped everything to come on a special holiday with him.

The two guys stayed with me till 7 am and provided moral support while I figured out what to do next. However, Anton kicked me out of the penthouse. He stole all my money, credit cards, and belongings, including the $50,000 he owed me for influencing and dancing at his party. Also, while at Anton’s, I was sexually assaulted and bruised.

[Anton never allowed me to listen to Lady Gaga, my idol. I love her and Nicki Minaj, and they rule the artist world.]

While Anton was getting me kicked out of the Airbnb, one of his friends called me and invited me to their place for safety. They sent me an Uber as I had no money left, and I couldn’t do anything since Anton had locked my devices. When I got to his place, he greeted me at the front, and things seemed weird from the beginning. They tried to comfort me, but it was only the start of more horrible experiences.

They let me stay for one night, but after I became quite uneasy due to their conduct, I left that night for a motel with the assistance of a friend. However, they found out and drove me to meet the proprietor of a website that publishes sexual entertainment videos. After that, they filmed sexual content to ruin my life with the footage.

You might be thinking, how did they do that without my consent? Well, I was told I had guns toward my face the whole time. In addition, they had hacked all my devices and stolen all my content. It happened when two guys ‘rescued’ me from the Airbnb penthouse.

After the incident, I had to decide whether to return to the United States, Germany, Turkey, or Australia. However, I had to return to the United States to get my luggage from Anton, who never returned it. I had already booked a flight to Australia. Still, I needed help accessing my travel details, hotel bookings, and available funds due to Anton locking my devices and stealing my luggage and credit cards.

As a result, I was stuck in LAX airport for 5-7 days because of him.

It was like he had the whole city in his pockets, and I was receiving heavy punishment from people on the street. These truly were the worst days of my life.

During my time with Anton in California, I shared with him the remarkable story of a woman who had pulled out great cons during her past wrongdoings. I mentioned how clever it was for her to have risen to her current position by deceiving the world. We even watched her show together, and Anton was amazed by her story.

Something about Anna Delvey, she is a con artist and fraudster who was active in New York from 2013 to 2017. When she talked to me, I noticed her GPS ankle monitor attached to her ankle.

On my way back from Mexico to Las Vegas, I knew my safety was in danger after playing Anton Prack’s games. Will you believe that I met Anna Delvey on the flight? However, later I realized that Anton must have arranged for her to be there to make me feel uncomfortable.

This coincidence was alarming to me, so I pretended to sleep. Anna took out her phone and spoke about me, and I overheard everything. It was like they had purposely set it up to talk about my cloud, photos, and media, which they had hacked into without my permission and used to portray me as someone I am not. I was shocked to hear she was being paid over a million dollars to play with me.

At that time, I realized that my belongings, credit cards, and access to my two iPhone devices had been stolen by the guys Anton had arranged for me to meet up with after he got me kicked out of our Airbnb in Mexico.

It was strange when I found out that Britney Spears had blocked me on her social media account while my account was hacked into by Anton and his team, making me feel confused.

Later, I discovered that Britney had deleted her Instagram account, which made me even more suspicious. However, when I checked someone else’s phone, her account was still there, and I realized it was all part of Anton’s plan to mess with my mind.

To make things worse, I had to fly back to LAX with Anna Delvey behind me and people talking about me, making me uncomfortable.

I only remember a little of what happened during that time, but all I wanted was to get back to my hotel in Palm Springs, where I had originally paid to stay. Anton had taken me out of there and brought my luggage to his place.

Because my phone was hacked and my belongings were stolen, I couldn’t access my iPhone, which had Apple Pay linked to my debit card or Visa. I was only left with $100 or $200, as Anton had taken all my money before leaving the penthouse in Mexico.

Then, after receiving death threats upon landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and being traumatized by the public for five to six days, I made arrangements to return to Australia using my plane ticket but could not board the flight.

I wasn’t safe from lasers and zaps, even in toilets. Because my two devices had been hacked and locked in Las Vegas, I had nowhere to go for safety besides the airport.

Meanwhile, black, scary cars had been following me and threatening me with death and jail. I also saw my body expanding and contracting alarmingly, turning bright red and covered in deep bruises.

By the way, I went to the main California Hospital in Los Angeles to get treated and figure out what was happening. After injecting me with something meant to calm and make me feel normal, they gave me hallucinations instead. I began to see bizarre objects, animals, and horrible, hurtful pain.

Throughout the entire event, I was able to overhear Anton Prack on their phones, ordering the other participants in their efforts to inflict maximum pain and suffering onto me. When I left, I walked to a nearby supermarket to buy a drink or a calming drink/tablet.

But the horrors were not over; a scary man walked in and stole everything from my bag. The cashier didn’t do anything to protect me or help me call the police about the situation. I only had $100 total, so I was left stranded and unable to ask for help because I looked and smelled terrible from being zapped and drugged. During this period, I was zapped, drugged, and abused continuously. Additionally, I couldn’t talk to anyone due to the effects of drugs.

When I regained my senses, I asked for help from the police. I think they were able to help me get back to the airport. They escorted me to the airport in a taxi, so I was safe. Still, I didn’t even feel safe with the police being there because the drugs were making me paranoid.

Furthermore, I couldn’t fly out of the city when I got to the airport because the airline had many issues. I had my laptop with me, but I couldn’t access any of my iCloud accounts to make calls or use FaceTime because everything was blocked due to Anton’s hacking.

Luckily, I had a MacBook Pro and charger, so I tried to connect to airport Wi-Fi to open an iCloud account with the help of a friend from Australia who responded to my new Instagram DM message. I’m not sure what I would have done if she hadn’t replied, but thankfully, she did, and I got myself out of that situation while using the laptop inside the airport.

While I was using the laptop inside the airport and walking out of the airport for fresh air, the aftershocks of the punishments, death threats, and zapping kept on hurting my mind and body.

On the 2nd or 4th day at LAX airport, I used the MacBook Pro to make a FaceTime call to a family member for help with a flight ticket to leave the airport and the country. The airline refused to change my $6000 flight to accommodate me on the next flight. It was like everyone was behind my back trying to either murder me, threaten me, humiliate me, and have phones holding recording me while I was walking or sitting down trying to arrange how to get out to return to my country, Australia.

So then I had a flight bought for me which was the next day, 24 hours later. So I had to stay in the LAX airport with only a working laptop hacked into and remotely controlled. At this moment, everything I was doing would shut off multiple times, so they were playing BIG GAMES with me.

Moreover, whenever I went to the restroom, someone would snitch on me and use the machines to steal my check-in flight paper, which would be missing. It was an absolute nightmare.

So they made me queue again to get another check-in flight paper after I lost the first one. I held it tightly with my passport until I went through border security. They were playing scary games in the airport to freak me out.

There were flights back to Sydney, my final destination, but they would only put me on some of them. Instead, I was given the strange and uncomfortable option of waiting 24 hours for my connecting flight, which I had never experienced in all my years of travel.

Once I got through, I walked to the gate of my flight, holding everything tightly except my backpack, which they would move items in and make me feel scared. Despite all of this, I tried to remain strong and not react.

I was on a flight from LAX to Hawaii with a 24-hour layover in between. Unfortunately, there was nowhere comfortable to stay in the airport, and I needed access to a money exchange to buy food or drinks. I was forced to spend the entire layover outside with many other people in the same situation as me, just waiting for our next flight.

I had the book SPARE by Harry Winston as I am a major fan of his and greatly admire him.

They wrote a whole book story of my life, everything about my life, explaining me, explaining all my life experiences, things there have seen from my cloud phones, emails, all of it…

I was so SHOCKED to see them go to that extent!!! They kept me interested, but the book had my life planned to create the death of me and signs of me slowly about to die by reading every page of the book while stranded in Hawaii country waiting for my transit…… SO TRAUMATIC/SCARY/PAINFUL while getting Zapped by the people they paid to hurt me while I was in the 24-hour transit in Hawaii…

They had explained how I was going to DIE. My life with my ex, whom I was with for 7-8 years, was explained in the book when I was younger. My relationship then continued about my entire life after the information they received from my devices and the laptop he had stolen that was kept back at his house in palm springs, California. They kept playing the music BALMORAL to make me feel uncomfortably scared, freaked out, and confused. At the same time, I sat in the airport waiting for my Sydney, Australia, flight time to come up.

Finally, I got on the flight from Hawaii to Sydney. Still, they were trying to make it impossible to get on that flight like you’re not getting on the flight, talking under their mouth while I was trying to get on my flight and making me feel like im about to get prisoned in the hardest prison in Hawaii and no more Australia for me… they even had Australian people fly out to come and watch me go through what I was going through while multiple people where zapping different parts of my body, at once I thought I was dying due to how many people were controlling my body with machines/lasers/zaps I can’t even describe how much it killed me the pain was like worse than dying……

Lastly, I want my story heard because I didn’t deserve this. And I have more and more to talk about with the whole situation.

I will interview or go in front of the camera to explain my whole story as long as what he has done to me is documented and shown to American society and the world.

It’s not fair for anyone to experience this. You were hoping to have a meaningful date with a mature man you met online who happens to work as an interior designer for Poppy Delevingne. Poppy is the sister of Cara Delevingne, a supermodel.

He conned me out of fifty thousand US dollars. He stole my Rolex, Cartiers, laptop, all my wardrobe, and other valuables.

Additionally, I am currently working on my documentary. This video documentary will film and depict all the incidents that happened to me on this trip. If any producers or influencers want to collaborate or work with me on this, I will welcome them.

Finally, I will say that he still owes me over a hundred thousand dollars, along with the worst experience of my life, which will probably stay with me until I die.

MY Instagram is @glamhairartist; 2 million followers.



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