Top Tech Tips to Compress Large Files

In many cases, it is a real chore to store large files on a computer or transfer them to their original format. Therefore, there is a need to compress them without losing any information and maintaining the same quality. It can be a frustrating process when attempting to save files on windows only to get an error advising there is low or inadequate disk space.

With the latest innovative technology, this can no longer be a problem. Several efficient methods are now being used to compress larger files, making them easier to store and share.

Zip Compression

This is a famous file compression method, mainly used to archive formats you may have run into. It refers to a collection of many files or folders combined into one unit to save disk space and make it easier to transfer and store files in an easy and organized manner.

Zipping files using this method is easy; you only need to select the files you want to compress, right-click, and send them to the compressed folder. There is a new folder that will appear with a zipper on it to prove the file is compressed. You can then rename it to your preferred name for ease of access.

The main tool used here is known as WinZip, which is a paid tool. There are various reasons to buy, such as the ability to split large files and support many files. The downside is that it can be costly when other competent tools can be used for free.

RAR Compression

RAR is a newer and more famous version of data compression developed by the Russian software Engineer Eugene Roshal in 1993 the name RAR stands for Roshal Archive. It is known to support data compression, file spanning, and error correction. In general, its compression algorithm is more powerful than the one used by ZIP.

It is therefore worth considering RAR compression because of its high compression rate and speed, working with multiple formats, and offering full support in creating RAR files.

Tools for dealing with RAR Files

WinRAR is the tool that helps create RAR files and offers credible levels of compression for files such as heavy videos. It is a killer feature because the speed and creation of themes are at a high level. However, this is a paid tool, though rated as the original and best file compression tool.

Also, note that converting ZIP to RAR files is a good way to open RAR files more so if you do not have a proper tool like WinRar at hand. Such online tools also work the other way around and allow you to create RAR archives on the fly.

7-Zip Compression

7-zip is one of the best free file compression software under an open-source license and offers a high compression ratio. It is software that can compress huge files, whether for individual files or using it in a commercial organization.

The added advantage of this file compression method is that it has many supported formats—for instance, 7Z, BZ1P2, TAR, WIM, and XZ for packing and unpacking.

Its compression rate is higher than some popular methods, with close to a 10% margin.

And most importantly, this is free software that only needs to be downloaded online and uses some features such as its powerful file management, Plugin for FAR Manager, and powerful command-line version among others.

Another important point to note is its compression ratio on the data used. Usually, the compression ratio of the 7-zip to the 7-z format is better than the zip format for a range between 30-70%.


File compression comes with many advantages. Every user, more so those who handle huge graphics, videos, and email attachments, can incredibly benefit from compression. This is because it offers a massive reduction of storage space, quick turnaround time during transmission, and easing the communication bandwidth.

Take advantage of the tools we have shared, whether paid or free, so long as they suit your needs, and enjoy this relief in your working space.

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