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Top Flat Fee MLS Companies in Utah

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Listing on the Multiple Listing Service or MLS has become more important than ever before. MLS is the real estate database in which the owners list their properties for sale. The same is viewed by a large number of buyers.

If you have a property to sell in Utah, then it is essential to list the same on the Local MLS. The important thing to note here is that only licensed real estate agents can list the properties in the database. This does not mean that you need to hire a licensed real estate broker or agent and pay a high commission fee. You can list your house on the Utah MLS by using the Flat Fee MLS service.

Compared to the listing agent, who costs around 2% to 3% of the home sale price, the Flat Fee Realtors charge only a nominal upfront or flat fee. So, consider choosing flat rate realtors to create MLS listings such as Houzeo, who is one of the top Flat Fee MLS listing service providers in Utah.

The benefits of MLS listing using a Flat Fee?

Here are the benefits of using flat fee MLS Utah listing service:

Increased Exposure

Whenever a buyer agent is looking for a property for a client, they search the MLS. Listing your property on the MLS gives your listing the maximum exposure. The buyers as well as their agents explore local MLS. Since the buyers also view the listings on other top real estate websites such as Zillow and Trulia, the Flat Fee MLS listing company such as Houzeo also offer free syndication of your listing on these websites. Due to the additional exposure, the chances of selling your home increase.

Best Saving

The biggest advantage of choosing a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service is that you can save on agent commissions. Flat Fee MLS need not bear the cost of the full-service real estate agent commission. To list your property, you can use a Flat Fee MLS Utah package. This way, you can save the heavy commission and also get to list on MLS.


Using  Flat Fee MLS Utah Listing firms such as, that operate online, you can list your property on the MLS without choosing the lengthy traditional broker route. These websites offer amazing and latest tech features that permit you to list within a few minutes. You can also make changes to your listing in a few seconds. Things like managing the showings, handling offers, etc. are also easy.

Top Flat fee MLS firms in Utah

Here is the list of the top Flat Fee MLS options in Utah.

Intermountain Properties

Intermountain properties offer affordable packages for those sellers who are conscious of their budget and do not want to spend a significant amount. Intermountain Properties offers two packages, however, you can pick a few a la carte services too with the package for a better service.

The company offers great customer reviews and the customers have talked about the help they got at the time of selling their homes. They were also vocal about the fact that they were able to save a big amount in the process. it is also important to know that Intermountain Properties charge 0.1% of what the buyer’s agent takes at closing.

Here are Intermountain Property’s package details:

  • Their Basic MLS package is priced at $99, those who have experience selling the home can opt for it. This package includes MLS posting for a month, the ability to upload 10 photos, syndication to other websites, etc.
  • In the Premium MLS package which is priced at $179, you get a range of services. the package offers MLS listing, pricing assistance or the CMA, broker review, signing of the documents online, etc.

Other than the following, if you want to add more services such as Negotiation services or Listing on with many local MLS, or more, then you need to pay an extra charge.

ARI Realty

ARI Realty is also a good option to consider. They offer negotiation as well as pricing support. They also provide professional photos and MLS listing terms. This company works a little differently than the flat fee companies. ARI Realty charges a flat rate and not a flat fee. Good for inexperienced sellers, ARI Realty provides complete service to their clients at a discount. You also get a chance to cancel at any time without needing to pay extra. ARI Realty also offers every seller a transaction coordinator, who handles negotiations and the closing process.

Lead by John Armstrong, who has been an expert in flat-fee services in Utah for several years, operates the company in many counties. This company has great reviews for best customer service, responsiveness, etc.

Talking about ARI Realty’s packages, there is just one option for you.  The package, also called standard services charges a rate of 0.5% which includes comparative market analysis or CMA, negotiation, eDoc signing, etc.


Houzeois undeniably the best option you have. It also offers a la carte options and ensures a simple selling process. This national company is the leading provider of flat-fee services. Their features such as an online dashboard make the selling process very convenient. As per Houzeo packages, you can avail one of the following options:

  • Bronze or the Basic MLS package at $259 offers MLS posting for 3 months and 6 photos to upload. This package can be considered if you are comfortable handling everything else yourself.
  • As per the Silver or Stress-Free MLS package of $299, you get a 6-month MLS listing, and 24 photos to upload. escrow agent, 10 free changes, and more. You can also go got add-ons such as eDocs, a yard sign, CMA, etc.
  • Gold or Advanced FSBO MLS package which charges $399 offers silver package inclusions, disclosure documents, unlimited photos uploaded on the MLS, etc.


The Flat fee MLS route is one of the best as it lets you save a lot of amounts at the time of selling the home. Some other options of flat-fee MLS companies are Discount brokers and cash buying companies. While discount brokerages offer traditional real estate agent services at a small commission rate, Cash house buyers buy homes and give cash in return.

So, to save money when selling your home, read more about Flat Fee MLS. There are many local as well as national companies that help you sell your home at an affordable price. National Flat Fee MLS providers like Houzeo provide competitive service and offer you peace of mind. You can check out Houzeo Reviews to know more about them.

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