Main Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Headphones For Big Heads


If you are looking for the best headphones for large heads then you are at the right place. We know it is very difficult to get the best fit and good headphones for big heads.

Finding the headphones with the large ear cups and the adjustable band is somehow tricky. Because sometimes you can get extra large headphones and sometimes small according to your head. In the market, you usually find standard-size headphones that are manufactured for the standard head size. But sometimes you need big headphones according to the size of your head.

Usually, headphones hurt the top of the head because they are small according to the head size, so to get rid of the people need to go for the huge headphones. So now the question is can you easily find the big headphones for your large head? Or you need to request the companies to manufacture for your head’s size. Many companies like Logitech, Hyperx, NUBWO are manufacturing the best headset for big heads. So if you want a huge headset for big ears then you easily get them from the companies which are mentioned above.

Usually, people love to use headphones for gaming. So they look for the best gaming headset for big heads according to their head size so they can play the game with comfort. So in this article, we will focus on the factors and the way through which you can easily have the best gaming headset for big heads.

Types of Headphones

Before looking at the factors of choosing the large headset, you need to know about the types of headphones. Usually, there are two types of headsets: Over-ear, and On-ear headsets.

Over-ear Headsets

The over-ear headsets come with large ear cups that can cover your ears completely. So if you are looking for the best gaming headset for big ears then you need to look for the over-ear headsets. These are suitable, could fit better on your ear, and are good for large heads. So I would recommend you to go for the over-ear headsets that don’t hurt your ears. Make sure there are sizes in the over headsets, so make sure you are not buying the extra-large over-ear headphones.

On-ear Headsets

The on-ear headsets do not have big ear cups for the big heads and not appropriate headphones for large ears. So you can’t use these as gaming headphones for big heads. So if you buy the on-ear headset then don’t expect these could cover your ears properly. Actually, these headsets sit on your head and only cover a little portion of your ears. So if you need a huge headset for gaming don’t go for the on-ear headsets. You will not be comfortable with on-ear headsets, and you cannot gaming properly with these headsets, so let it go.

Factor For Choosing the Headsets for Small Heads

In order to find the best gaming headset for large heads or the best gaming headset for small heads. The factors I am going to mention here will be for both. So if you are looking for over-ear headphones for big ears read the factors carefully.

Headset Type

Above I have mentioned there are two types of headsets. On-ear and over-ear headsets.  For the big heads, you need to go for the over-hear headsets because these are relatively large in size and could cover your ears properly. The best thing about the over ear headset is the sound cannot come outside the headphones. So whatever you are listening to with these headphones. Even professional gamers are recommending these as the best headphones for big ears.

Check Mic

Whenever you are going to buy the large headsets for big heads make sure the quality of the mic as well. Mic is compulsory in gaming because gamers have to be interactive with other gamers. Sometimes you are not getting a mic with the headphones so don’t buy those. Whenever the shopkeeper shows you the headphone box, you must read the words mentioned on the box. If there is written “best headphones for gaming no mic” or “good headphones for gaming no mic” then don’t buy, because you don’t need micless headsets.


You are buying headphones for the big head just for comfort. You could play games with no disturbance and without any hurt. Make sure the cups of the headphones should be soft, and enough to cover your ears completely. If you use the headphones for hours then still it could not hurt your ears. In my recommendation, I personally like the t-pain headsets. The t-pain headset always provides comfortable headphones to the customers, and even these are not oversized headphones.

Structure and Design

Usually, in the market, you are getting the standard size headphones that are suitable for any size head. But sometimes people need an oversized headset because of the skull size. So if your skull size is also big then don’t compromise on it. You will get plenty of large size headphones, try every headphone one by one, and check which one is comfortable. The comfort depends on the structure and design of the headphone. T pain headphones are providing amazing structured headphones such as the best gaming headset for people with glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which big gaming headset goes for Xbox gaming.

There are many companies that are manufacturing headphones for Xbox gaming. If you are looking for a specific suggestion you should go for the Logitech g35 Xbox one. Literally, this headphone is amazing and you will feel like you are in the game with this headphone.

What are behind the head gaming headset

These are the headphones that you can put on your neck as well. If you are not using the headphone then you can easily put them behind your head. So whenever you are going to buy the headphones for the head then make sure you can put them on the neck and even it will not hurt your neck.

How to find the best headset online?

If you want to buy a large headset you can search on google. Personally, I like Reddit social media for headset recommendations. Search in google “best headphones for pc gaming Reddit”, or “most comfortable gaming headset Reddit” then you can find the Reddit results on the result page. Go to those Reddit links and choose the best one according to your needs.

Is Reddit a TrustWorthy Platform for Headset Purchasing?

I personally like this platform because on Reddit you will find legit people. So you will find the accurate option. If you search on Reddit for the best gaming headset then you will find hundreds of results. Read the description and choose the best one. You can even buy it from Reddit directly.


Never compromise on the quality and comfort of the headset. You are paying money for the headset so get that headphone that is comfortable on your ears. Make sure the headphone you choose is not hurting your ear. Even if you are putting the headphone on your neck then that is not hurting your neck well. So research well and must look for the factors I have mentioned above.

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