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Top 8 Benefits of Increasing Typing Speed

Times are gone when people used to write for hours. With the recent advances in technology, as everything is performed using devices one has to be efficient in typing and other skills related to computer.

Here are given benefits of increasing typing speed.

8 Benefits of Increasing Typing Speed 

  1. Saves You Time

The most obvious justification for speeding up typing is time savings. Suppose you have a 25 WPM typing speed and must send ten emails daily for your job. You might spend about 80 minutes doing this each day.

On the other hand, you could finish the identical activity in just 40 minutes if you could type 50 WPM (a fluent but not advanced typing speed).

This would save you more than three hours over a week. It would add up to almost 15 hours over a month! Download typing speed test app from to test your typing speed.

  1. You can concentrate on your ideas.

Typing by hunt and peck requires much more concentration and thought than typing by touch.

Touch typists don’t even have to stop to consider where the keys are. Their fingers’ muscle memory makes typing simple for them.

This implies that touch typists can concentrate solely on the task at hand. Learning to type allows you to focus your mental energy where it is most needed, whether writing an email, rap lyrics, or a crucial memo.

  1. It helps You Communicate More Efficiently.

What do kids enjoy doing the most? Converse with their pals. Also, a significant portion of how students communicate is now done online.

Nobody wants to be a slow type, whether it be on Facebook Chat or Google Hangouts.

Real-time communication with friends necessitates quick finger movements while maintaining precision.

  1. It makes it Easier to Take Notes

Students are increasingly taking notes on computers in college and even in high school. And it is logical. A skilled typist can write down ideas faster than she can by hand.

You’ll be able to keep up with a fast-talking lecturer and ace your next exam if you’re quick on the keyboard.

  1. Prepares You for Your Future Career

Today, typing proficiency is a requirement for almost all top jobs. Typing is standard in many professions, including law, medicine, and business.

Focusing on your WPM will ensure that your slow typing abilities will allow you to reach your full potential once you land your ideal job.

  1. Helps You Land the Job

It would help if you first secured your dream career before you could excel at it. You’re less likely to be recruited if your resume is littered with careless typing errors or if drafting an email requires much effort.

  1. Be more productive 

You can give yourself extra time to spend on other activities when you save time and increase accuracy, or you can accomplish more in the same amount of time. Because you will be staring at your screen, you will be able to correct mistakes as you go along.

  1. Improve your health

By typing with your fingertips, you can avoid many health problems. When you learn to type correctly, you will become more conscious of your posture, stopping your wrists from hurting and reducing neck aches because you won’t have to glance down at the keyboard as much.

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