Top 5 Quality Control Software Solutions To Use For Your Business.

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Harrington Group International, as a leader in enterprise solution implementation, offers you a wide variety of software solutions to meet your complex business needs and Quality Control for the B2B market. 

With the rapid emergence of technology and its influence in the business world, one can see a lot of high emergence in technological tools that tend to influence a business. With the help of these tools, many organizations can deliver more advanced and business-relevant information to enhance business results.

“No wonder the 2020 IT spending on enterprise software is expected to amount to around 426 billion U.S. dollars worldwide”

In order to help organizations better manage and improve their quality systems, Harrington Group International provides top five Quality Control softwares to enable efficient services in businesses. 

1) Quality Control Software (HQMS Software)

Time has changed, and it is a necessity to change to ensure competitiveness and the success of any organization. Though the general practices and management systems behind quality management have remained more or less the same over so many years, the systems and solutions that are required for today’s success and guarantee compliance and satisfaction across the value chain have evolved.

Most of the systems that were once suitable are incapable of addressing the requirements of today, so in order to do so in an effective way, utilizing excellent enterprise quality management systems is pretty much necessary that allows you to optimize the quality processes.

The Harrington Online Quality Management Software (HQMS) is a comprehensive world-class enterprise software quality management solution for the improvement of your business process, compliance and also a multitude of other needs.

This software is used by the enterprises across the system that includes various companies related to aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and different service-related industries. All of these successful enterprises use HQMS software in order to maintain the established business process that is necessary to manage the five major drivers of the shareholder value i.e.

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Supply chain
  • Products
  • Services

The QMS software system is a premier website enterprise quality management software solution, and it allows for the standardization of the quality practices throughout the enterprise. At the same time, it remains flexible enough to support your business needs that keep changing with a high level of connectivity.

HQMS software not only assists you in a meeting but far surpassing your organization’s quality goals while increasing the supplier and the customer satisfaction simultaneously, and delivering solutions that tend to provide unprecedented levels of accountability, transparency and control throughout your enterprise and the supplier networks.

2) Training Management Software

Keeping the skill-sets of the employees up-to-date is very important for any enterprise. This could mean the difference between earning or maintaining a much-required certification, meeting the customer’s requirements and in some cases, even the difference between life and death depending on the occupation and the industry. 

In the world of increased digitalization, the old methods that are paper-based to keep track of the training schedules are no longer adequate, and most of the proposed software solutions in the market are only marginally more effective.

Realizing this, Harrington developed a Training Management Software which is an indispensable tool to manage and track training in a way that ensures accountability and also provides unprecedented levels of connectivity in order to keep the employees, managers and the executives in the information loop.

The Training Management Software System 4 program enables you to schedule track and reports on the employee training, certification and qualification for the individual employees, contractors or different workgroups. It maintains the training history of each employee in the organization.

This also allows you to create and manage the training courses, identify any mandatory employee training, expired certifications and any certifications that are to be expired. Keeping the skill-sets of the employees up-to-date is of quite an importance in any enterprise, and it can mean the difference between earning and maintaining a required certification and the requirements of the customers.

The Training Management Software has become incredibly convenient in today’s world, and the main reason for using the Training Management Software is to incorporate training activities in order to comply with the safety procedures.

3) Supplies and Supplier Management Software

Harrington’s Supplier Management Software offers your organization a complete lifecycle approach to manage the supplier base, monitoring and tracking right from the date of registration and assessment of the performance of the provider. 

This solution will consolidate all the activities and data of the supplier in a fully secured and searchable database that is easily accessible across your firm. It helps you to maintain and manage the supplier contact information, performance ratings, report audit results and vendor contacts.

The Supplier and Supplies Management Software will be the ultimate trendsetter for your supply chain. It has automatic notifications of records of the supplier nonconformance, while it also has the ability to implement and track corrective actions in order to enhance the supply chain performance of your company. Following are the benefits that you can derive from our solution:

  • Your supply cost will be reduced.
  • You will achieve greater visibility in supplier relationship management and performance.
  • Your procurement cycle time will be reduced.
  • Your efficiency in acquiring goods and services will be increased.
  • Your efficiency of managing the inventory and processing materials and inputs will be improved.

The core goal of this software is to eliminate the risk across your supply chain, and for this purpose, Harrington has provided you with several inbuilt applications that will show the key performance indexes (KPI) of your supplies. From this, you will be able to make an informed decision about vendor management.

The Supplier Management Software that is offered to you will boost your overall efficiency levels at every step of the production process by improving decision making, lowering costs and communications between the internal business units and also with the external suppliers.

4) Issue Management Software

Any organization no matter what the scale of its function is or what it is, selling has to face issues that will arise every now and then. The important thing is how the companies choose to face and resolve such issues.

The ease of resolving a problem and the time is taken for resolution both depend upon that choice. Therefore, one has to choose wisely and have a hassle-free issue management software solution in place before any major disasters take place due to the mishandling of matters that arise.

Harrington’s Issue Management Software Solution gives your organization quite easy steps to identify any issue, designate the members of the team and execute actions in order to manage and resolve the issue. This solution is to deliver faster problem solving, and prevent a recurrence, improve collaboration between the team members, eliminate any unnecessary meetings, hold the employees accountable and prevent any major disasters before they occur.

Although there are many options available for you to handle and streamline issues to resolution, and you should keep in mind that not all of them are effective or hassle-free. Instead of the pile of issues that keep stacking up, you can choose the issue management software that will eliminate that pile of issues and also prevent any similar issues from arising again in the future. 

The Issue Management Tool that lets you identify the issues, record all the necessary details, assign the resolution responsibility to the respective employees and also keep track of the real-time progress of the issue towards its resolution. All the available details are to be accessed by the authorized personnel from anywhere at any given time. This lets you eliminate any unnecessary meetings altogether, thus saving your valuable time that can be utilized anywhere else.

5) Document Control Software

Having control over different types of documents that are drafted for different purposes is an essential requirement in any business environment. Most of the companies around the world are stumbling to get a streamlined process in order to control various documents in circulation each working day.

Whatever the solution is there, it must be able to address any stringent regulations and standards laid at a local, domestic and global level to ensure compliance. The ultimate result of this is lowering the compliance cost and increasing the efficiency of the production process, which in turn leads to accelerated time to a marketplace.

Harrington’s Document Control Software is not only a document control system; it is basically an electronic business instinct of your business to help you manage the lifecycle of a document right from the start to the end. The Harrington’s Document control software solution provides you with:

  • An automated routing, delivery, escalation and approval of documents in all the operational processes.
  • A one-off solution in order to handle all types of documents.
  • An integrated system of paper control as being part of quality management.
  • A solution to meet the compliance audit requirements.
  • A set of features to enhance the transparency and visibility of the process of documentation.
  • A proper streamlined guide to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), with the help of which a seamless operation of the organization is guaranteed.

One of the cutting edge features of this document control solution is the ability to integrate with other applications like the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), different accounting and human resource applications in order to accommodate the needs of different departments within the organization.

Nowadays, various organizations need to develop applications to realize their quality goals through quality management software solutions, corrective and preventive actions, root cause analysis, the opportunity for improvement, enterprise control management and much more. If you are ever in need of solutions like these, visit:

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