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E-signature & Digital Agreements: Making Paperwork Less Manual During Coronavirus Outbreak


The Coronavirus Outbreak and pandemic have altered the way we all live and carry out business. With so many people in the world being forced to stay at home or work remotely, there needs to be a process in a place where businesses can still operate despite social distancing. One aspect that really helps with this is to be able to sign documents with an electronic signature, and still be legally binding.

In this article, find out how adopting e-signature technology can benefit your company by streamlining business processes and having paperwork signed remotely. 

Go Digital and Go Paperless

Not only does a paperless workplace help the environment, but it also ensures a clutter-free and easy to manage enterprise. While digital signatures have caught on with many corporates and executives, other business owners have been surprised to see how simple going digital is.

Electronic documents (a PDF, for example) have been around for an age, but until electronic documents and contracts could be signed electronically as well, the digital and paperless process wasn’t complete. E-signatures add the final touch. 

Why Use a “Wet Ink” Approach When You Don’t Have To?

Many businesses still seem to be stuck in the old ways of thinking when it comes to having clients sign documents. Putting pen to paper is still such a common method of getting things done.

In the Covid-19 world with so much social distancing going on, the traditional method of document signing is both slow as well as impractical.

By using e-signatures during this pandemic, all documentation can be signed remotely without anyone having to meet face-to-face. Business transactions still get completed even when people might be under stay at home orders. Nonetheless, it is always wise to learn how to do an electronic signature & understand the perks it can serve the business. 

Simplify Business Processes & Save Time plus Money

Adopting e-signatures into your business processes ensures better efficiency in workflows, leading to fewer delays and an expedited process. By simplifying day-to-day processes, you’ll quickly realize just how much time and money can be saved.

When you save time, your business naturally saves money in the process. When your staff no longer have to spend so much time organizing documents and chasing up clients to get them signed, they’ll have more time to devote to other tasks.

Along with this, more efficient processes will also save the company time, and money and e-signatures play a major role in simplifying workflows. 

Manage and Track Documents With Ease

During uncertain times such as we’ve all experienced with this pandemic, keeping track of business processes can be a challenging task. Once again, having all of your documents and contracts in digital format and having them signed via e-signature technology will help you keep track of everything.

E-signatures and electronic documents give you a digital paper trail that is easy to follow and keep track of, with everything time-stamped, along with loads of other information about the document, it’s contents and who it was signed by. This also makes it very difficult for documents to be tampered with after they’ve been signed.

With so many businesses in the world in a state of upheaval at the moment, employees working remotely and many people staying at home, you need an easy way to manage and track your business documents. Digital documents and signatures provide a solution. 

No Mailing Or Manual Delivery Of Documents Necessary

The fewer people have to interact with one another in the current situation, the better, so it only makes sense to use electronic documents and electronic signatures. These can all be delivered via email or even sent directly to a mobile device, such as a smartphone.

This negates the need to physically mail out paperwork or have a courier collect and deliver documents and contracts that need to be signed. Transactions can be completed whilst still maintaining social distancing. 

An E-signature Is Legally Binding

E-signatures are as legally binding as a traditional pen to paper signatures in all developed countries. Governing bodies in each nation ensure the legality of e-signatures and their use. In the United States, for example, e-signatures are governed by the ESIGN Act, which has given e-signatures the same power a wet ink signature has always held.

If you adopt e-signature technology into your business workflow, have no fear that the documents and contracts you have your customers signing are not legal, because they are.

Digital documents and e-signatures provide certainty in an uncertain world.

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