Top 5 NFT & Crypto PR Agencies in 2022

Are you looking for a professional PR agency for your crypto or NFT project? This article presents some leading services currently available in the market.

The digital community has seen the major potential presented by cryptography and the applications associated with it. Most notably, we saw the rise of cryptocurrency. Only a decade ago, there were a few hundred users who recognized cryptocurrency as an asset that would change the world. But it didn’t take much time until that innovation would be adopted and used by millions of people worldwide.

The success of cryptocurrency cannot be attributed to a single project. Cryptocurrency and blockchain, as a whole, have been moved forward by multiple projects which have presented an array of utilities for users across the digital ecosystem. The real boom came, however, when companies and eventually governments started recognizing the tangibility of digital innovation. Following the introduction of many of the most renowned cryptocurrency projects, the digital space moved in more diverse directions based on the technology that supported it. It was not long before innovators began introducing NFTs as immutable digital assets.

Amidst the growing range of ideas emerging within the digital space, market saturation became evident: no longer was every new project newsworthy nor successful in capturing the attention of the market. As more and more projects realized the difficulty of a successful launch, they also saw the need for entities that could catalyze their success. 

As with almost every form of marketing in the digital space, appealing to social media platforms and digital media became necessary. This was the point at which crypto- and NFT-focussed PR platforms began emerging, and projects started developing comprehensive marketing plans that would help them attract more investors from around the world.

How Effective are PR Agencies in Creating Marketing Plans for Digital Projects?

Whenever a new cryptocurrency or NFT project comes into production, a marketing plan should be formulated at a grassroots level. That plan is typically accomplished with the help of crypto PR agencies that help projects at every level lead the market from the front. 

A better investor retention rate is most often seen and expected with a stronger social media presence. Retention is, however, also based on how good the PR agency is at executing marketing tasks. This is where projects encounter another challenge: selecting a PR agency that will effectively spearhead the project’s marketing strategy and put it on course for positive growth.

If you are looking for a marketing agency for your newly-created cryptocurrency or NFT project, this article will help make your selection process easier. We’ll introduce some of the top-rated marketing agencies that can help you build interest across digital platforms, channels, and audiences. 

By the end of this article, you will have a range of marketing agencies you can contact to talk to about your upcoming project.

Blockchain is here to grow. That’s why features full-scale marketing and PR services for cryptocurrency and NFT projects. You can access multiple services that will benefit marketing and help establish your online presence. knows that there are multiple ways to help a project capture the attention of the market, and that good marketing involves considering your specific niche and goals.

With a mission of running the most successful PR campaigns in the digital space, this agency realizes the prime importance of educating the community about blockchain. Thus, their work aims to benefit the project and the community to the fullest by showing users what blockchain technology offers. intends to become the go-to agency for digital-based blockchain projects across the world. To accomplish that goal, offers a list of services that help industry projects meet their marketing needs through a single platform. From basic PR marketing strategy to targeted engagement through social media, offers everything you need—even end-to-end content creation for clients. Crypto and NFT projects can look to this agency for powerful results.


CryptoPR is another great example of a PR agency that delivers an effective and professional platform for projects to grow their reach through influencer channels. This agency directs its approach around PRs, advertisements, and Telegram groups. Marketing campaigns that are built on solid content and ideas are among the agency’s highlight services. 

If you’re looking to gain maximum exposure across an array of social media platforms, this platform is a great option. Influencer promotion has been proven to bring about great results for crypto and NFT projects in the digital space.

Another leading PR agency with a vast experience in display advertising and crypto press release distribution is This agency provides PR services and display advertising at the national as well as at international levels. You can find top-tier media coverage through‘s platform, ensuring results for your crypto and NFT project.

However, regardless of the extent of your project, promises growth-driven and efficient PR services. You will see result-oriented PR campaigns with the service. believes in strategic communication, which is why their service is oriented toward communicating with the consumer market differently. It maintains all aspects of a digital PR agency while ensuring social connectivity with the market.

Luna PR

Luna PR is another renowned PR agency that focuses on a variety of different markets in the digital ecosystem. This agency accommodates crypto and NFT projects and can find the perfect PR services for you. As a promoter of decentralization, Luna PR works on marketing, followed by PR, branding, and advisory aspects of a project.

If you have broader service requirements for your crypto or NFT project, you can look to Luna PR as an effective media partner.

Melrose PR

Melrose PR was among the first PR agencies to emerge in the digital space and to provide services targeted toward this part of the ecosystem. This agency has watched cryptocurrency grow into a mammoth innovation in the digital space. As a long-time player in the market, the agency understands the strategies that can help your project excel.

From creating marketing plans for projects to advising, Melrose PR can develop content strategies that will help crypto and NFT projects get noticed.


With that, you have the complete details on the best crypto and NFT PR agencies in the market right now. From this list, we hope you can find a service to help you as you develop your project. With market saturation, good marketing is one of the most important factors in predicting the success of new crypto and NFT projects.

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