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Top 5 Custom Products to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Personal branding is crucial in today’s growing business world. It helps you attract a specific set of target customers and appeal to them through personalized messaging based on emotions, beliefs, style, and preferences. Through personal branding, you can grow a community of loyal customers, increase brand awareness, and cost-effectively achieve sales.

According to data from Think with Google, 90% of marketers believe that creating a personalized experience for your brand increases profitability. But the question is how? The answer is custom products. And what are those custom products? This article answers just that, as I am going to tell you about the top 5 custom products to boost your brand.

  1.     Custom T-shirts

One of the best custom products for enhanced brand recognition is custom t-shirts. They are a great way to enhance brand identity. More cost-effective than billboard advertising, custom t-shirts help you portray your brand logo, message, and style.

When people wear your t-shirt, they aren’t just showing off the t-shirt; they are also showcasing their affection and loyalty towards your brand.

When designing custom t-shirts for your brand, carefully choose the design, style, color scheme, fabric material and the content of the message if you are putting one on the t-shirt.

The whole design process will prove to be beneficial as when customers buy your t-shirt, they will appreciate the hard work and creativity put into designing the custom t-shirt.

They also become your brand’s ambassadors. It is important that, as a brand, you choose the right objective, select the right target audience, and decide whether to distribute these t-shirts for promotion or sell them directly in stores or online.

  1.     Custom PVC Patches

If you don’t want to get into the t-shirt trend and are looking for a more effective product, both cost-wise and impact-wise, then custom PVC patches are the ideal choice.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) patches are made from durable plastic that is so flexible it feels like rubber. Apart from durability, PVC patches give you creative freedom in designing. You can use multiple colors and get them in your preferred shape and size.

PVC patches are a great way to enhance your brand persona. Unlike t-shirts, which customers have to wear, PVC patches can be easily attached to numerous items, including jackets, shirts, hoodies, bags, sneakers, and phone cases. Your brand can enhance its awareness and build a stronger connection with your audience.

Regarding quality, there is a reason I mentioned PVC patches and not embroidered patches: they are highly durable, withstand extreme weather conditions, and don’t fade over time.

You can use PVC patches as promotional items at events or sell them separately. Make sure you choose the design according to the purpose you are trying to achieve. Keep the design minimalist and highlight your logo or brand slogan so that loyal customers might also keep them as collectables.

  1.   Sticker Labels

Packaging can have a huge impact on the sales of your product or service. According to a report, 94% of consumers are more likely to be inclined towards your brand if your packaging is transparent and has accurate and eye-catching labelling. This shows how labelling impacts consumers’ purchase decisions.

One way to achieve amazing labelling on your product packaging is to use sticker labels. Sticker labels are a great way to provide accurate information on your product packaging.

Not only do they make your product look good, but they also provide the necessary information that the customer is looking for. The crucial decision is in your hands: whether to go for a descriptive label, grade label, brand label, or informative label. Ensure the manufacturer you choose is proficient and provides high-quality sticker labels depicting your brand’s style.

  1.   Enamel Pins

Custom enamel pins are another trendy way to grow and promote your brand. Also known as lapel pins, enamel pins enhance your brand visibility, advertise your brand, and let you portray your creative imagination.

People can use them as collectibles, or to show affiliation towards your brand. You can get enamel pins in various styles and designs, to showcase your brand symbol, message, or initials.

Enamel pins are much more durable, long-lasting, eye-catching, and affordable than label stickers. You could give away enamel pins as promotional items during events, or you can give them as a complimentary product with the sales of your core product.

  1.   Custom Tote Bags

Lastly, the custom item you need that can uplift your brand drastically in terms of sales, awareness, and recognition is custom tote bags. Tote bags are a great way to promote your brand’s message, logo, slogan, and designs.

They add value for customers because when they buy your product, they receive it in a branded shopping bag rather than a simple plastic bag. Providing tote bags not only offers convenience to your customers but also indicates that your brand is inclined towards sustainability.

If you are not looking to spend a huge amount of money on introducing a new item, custom tote bags can be the right option as they are quite affordable. If you buy tote bags in bulk, you could get them for as low as $1.30 per item.

Apart from affordability, tote bags give you plenty of space to disseminate information about your brand. They can prove to be a great form of advertising without requiring a huge budget.

Overall, custom tote bags can be a valuable addition to your brand’s portfolio, offering multiple benefits to your customers while enhancing your brand identity and boosting your brand recognition.


So here you have it, Top 5 custom products to boost your brand. The best thing about all these products is that they are suggested to keep a low budget and effective value in mind.

Not only that, but these above products can also help you tap different industries attracting a wide audience. All these custom products have the potential to uplift your brand no matter what genre of product and service you are selling.

However, the impact depends on your hands, creativity, messaging, and the value you as a brand provides to customers.

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