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Top 5 AI Writing Tools

Looking to elevate your writing powers but don’t know where to start? Or are you a frustrating student who’s been looking at a blank screen for hours and hours? Words are coming, but no line is perfect enough to get started. Well, no more. 

With AI writing tools, you can get straight into writing. AI writing tools are like online assistants to provide you with a seamless writing experience. Here, we’ve picked 5 best AI writing tools for you. Time to jump in!

Writing Tools – Why There’s a Need?

Facing writer’s block is the worst thing ever. You don’t find that one sentence aptly describes what you’re thinking. Hours and hours of struggle but in vain! 

AI writing tools can rescue you and save time and effort. Here are some reasons why you must use AI writing tools

  • For brainstorming ideas and outline generation 
  • For writing content and editing 
  • For content humanizing 
  • Proofreading

Top 5 AI Writing Tools

Here are the top 5 AI writing tools:

1. Phrasly.AI – All-Inclusive Writing and Editing Tool


Are you fed up with AI-detected content? Phrasly.AI is an innovative tool designed to convert AI-generated content into human-written content that can bypass AI detectors like Turnitin and GPTZero. 

The tool is popular among students, writers, researchers, content creators, and professionals because it enhances originality. Its user-friendly and simple interface welcomes novice and expert writers and makes input and content processing very easy. 

The tool detects AI in written content with 99.8% accuracy, so you can avoid false positives. It also offers the humanization of AI content. With different humanization levels, such as easy, medium, or aggressive, you can humanize your content without compromising quality. 

The advanced AI models are trained in over 30,000 human-written content, so the content doesn’t sound robotic with over-complicated words. 

If you want to write content from scratch, Phrasly.AI offers content generation from idea creation to writing an original piece with in-text citations. Moreover, Phrasly.AI removes the writing errors and provides a final draft that is ready to submit to your teacher. 

Combining content generation with AI detection and humanization makes Phrasly.AI the top AI writing tool for students and writers. 


  • Content generation, along with in-text citations 
  • AI content detector that bypasses all AI detectors, e.g., Turnitin, Originality, and GPTZero
  • Unlimited AI humanization to avoid false positives 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Custom AI models 
  • Free trial 


  • Limited access to features in the free version


Phrasly.AI offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to humanize 300 words and detect AI in 2000 words. However, you must pay $10.99 monthly ($131.88 annually) for unlimited access. Paid plan offers the following benefits: 

  • 15 content generations every month 
  • Unlimited text humanization 
  • Advanced AI detection
  • 2500 words per process

2. Jasper AI 

Originally built for marketers in 2020, Japser AI has become an innovative AI-powered writing assistant that quickly and efficiently creates high-quality content. By leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms, Jasper AI helps creators generate human-like text on various topics. 

Currently used by thousands of marketers, professionals, and students, Jasper AI offers a range of prebuilt templates to assist in the content creation process.  

To facilitate the content writing process, Jasper AI offers integration with tools such as Grammarly, Surfer SEO, and Google Docs. You can also customize their content’s tone according to their brand’s voice. 


  • Consistent tone and styles 
  • Multilingual capabilities 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Increased productivity 


  • Potential for plagiarism 
  • Limited contextual understanding 
  • Requires editing and proofreading of content 

3. WriteSonic

For cost-effective solutions for your writing process, choose WriteSonic. This comprehensive AI writing platform uses AI to generate a wide range of content types. Specifically useful for quick content generation, WriteSonic helps writers to quickly and efficiently write content by eliminating the need for extensive research and manual writing. 

WriteSonic boasts many templates for different content forms, such as blogs and social media posts, and delivers contextually relevant results. 

Additionally, there is a built-in editing tool, an enhanced version of Google Docs that allows users to edit content with one click. 


  • Template library 
  • High-quality output 
  • Easy to use 
  • Cost-effective solution 


  • Lack of human touch 
  • AI detected content 
  • Limited industry-specific knowledge 

4. Perplexity 

Founded in 2020, Perplexity AI is an AI tool designed to redefine how we seek and share knowledge. Using advanced NLP, Perplexity AI offers conversational search, allowing users to seek information through conversation. 

Unlike some other AI tools, Perplexity excels in academic accuracy. It easily understands the context behind individual searches and tailors answers accordingly. 

Perplexity has a very simple and user-friendly interface that makes the research process easy. Moreover, text resources are also available to cross-check the information, making it a reliable AI writing tool for students. 


  • Academic accuracy 
  • Contextual search 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Efficiency and accessibility 
  • Multipurpose chatbot 
  • Leverage GPT-4. 


  • Inconsistency and short responses 
  • Potential bias 
  • Limited functionality 

5. Grammarly

If you’re a student or content creator, editing is your must. Who can edit your text and correct your grammatical errors other than Grammarly?  This AI writing assistant helps writers to imrove their writing by detecting and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors. 

With its premium plans, Grammarly offers tons of tools, one of which is plagirism checker. Students can easily detect the plagirism or AI in their content and can craft according to given suggestions. 

With its accuracy like a GOD, Grammarly can be integrated into other platforms such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Gmail, and other social media platforms. 


  • High accuracy 
  • Customizable settings 
  • Explanatory feedback 
  • Affordable premium plans 
  • Intuitive user interface 


  • Occasional inaccurate suggestions 
  • Pricing 
  • Lacks human touch 

Wrap Up

That’s all about AI writing tools. From creating your outlines to helping in the research and writing process, these AI tools are life saviors. And the combination of writing tools with AI humanization is a no-brainer. Check out these tools to make the writing process easy for you. 

Use Phrasly.AI to get all your content-related solutions in one place!

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