5 Free Essay Writing Tools You Should Try In 2024


Preparing your academic papers may be overwhelming. You are not a writer, after all. Luckily, there is something to help you. In addition to the Free AI Writing Generator by CustomWritings, there are dozens of essay writing tools to complete your texts like a pro. Check them out, and enhance your assignments! 

Why Consider Essay Writing Tools?

First things first, we don’t talk about cheating. Essay tools are a common instrument to make your projects run smoothly. You still work on your papers, but content generation or checking tools will enhance the processes you don’t like the most. For some, this is grammar checking, others hate writing formal sentences. Here is what essay tools can offer:

  • Grammar check 
  • Make a thesis statement
  • Structuring the text
  • Creating a citation list
  • Planning the essay, creating maps
  • Formatting the docs
  • Wording and rephrasing the information in the given style 
  • Shortening the text 
  • Ideas generation  

 To sort things out, check those top tools below. 

Overview of Top 5 Free Essay Writing Tools

Crafted long ago or released in 2023, these programs are your companion in academic writing and content creation. 

Grammarly Writing Assistant 

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checkers. It is an online service that checks your text and finds grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, the program can automatically fix them – you only need to submit the changes. It is a good service if you are rushing and don’t have time for proofreading.

But be careful: sometimes it makes mistakes, so double-check each suggestion. After all, it is not AI, so Grammarly doesn’t understand the context. 

This tool is available online and through the app. You can also download the browser plugin to utilize it right in the Google Doc. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can also download Grammarly keyboard, which can check your text while you’re tapping it. 

The paid version can also rephrase wordy sentences and make them more fluent. Recently, the developers also presented a Grammarly plagiarism checker. 

Cite This for Me 

Cite This for Me is a website that creates the right formatted citation list for your paper. You only need to provide it with the source of information: 

  • Website link 
  • Author’s name
  • Journal article title 
  • Year of publishing, etc. 

It will structure the information according to the formatting style. The service works with APA, MLA, ASA, Harvard, Chicago, AMA, and IEEE standards. 

What is special about it? The thing is, most citation generators only work with one standard of citation. They are commonly developed by the university itself. Unlike them, Cite This for Me can format the sources list depending on your college. 

Essay Map

Feel devastated structuring your ideas? Creating an essay plan after brainstorming can be difficult. Essay Map is an online tool for structuring ideas. It allows you to create cards with the ideas and connect them to any possible scheme. It doesn’t provide any additional services but helps to clear your mind and prepare for writing. You can also print the ready essay map. 

Another advantage is that the service is completely free. 



Ernest Hemingway is an author famous for his clear and minimalistic style. That’s what you need for academic papers as well – only necessary information and clear explanations. 

Hemingway’s online service is a perfect tool for writing efficiency. It analyzes your text and highlights the following issues: 

  • Too long sentences. The program advises shortening them or splitting them into two.
  • Passive voice. Check if you can avoid it by rephrasing.
  • Adverbs. Sometimes, adverbs are only used to enhance the number of words in your essay. They distract the reader and provide unnecessary information. Hemingway shows how many adverbs you used and offers to delete some of them.
  • Difficult structure. The program shows phrases that have simpler alternatives.


With Hemingway, you make the texts more official, easy to read, and filled only with useful information.

The service has only one function, but it can hugely enhance the efficiency of your wiring. 

How often do you think of the synonymous words for your text, especially when writing about a narrow or technical topic? In Thesaurus, you can enter the word and see the whole list of synonyms. Moreover, the words are structured by the most popular and close meaning to less related synonyms. You can also select the part of speech – nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc.

Sometimes, the service also shows idioms and synonyms for the words. Or is especially useful when writing an informal text. 


At the upper menu of the site, you can also open the Dictionary.Com – a service from the same developer that works like an online dictionary.

Key Features of Each Essay Writing Tool

As you see, the selection is huge. There are plenty of additional free writing aids as well, less popular or less actual nowadays. So, how to decide on one? First, let’s summarize the advantages of each service. 

Unique Advantages of Different Writing Tools

Decide on what is good for you – well, just help you to sort it out. 


Service  Pros  Cons 
Grammarly Checks grammar and fixes mistakes automatically;

A paid subscription can enhance the text wording;

Deletes stop-words. 

Can make mistakes. 
Cite This for Me  Uses standards from different universities; 

Can find a book or journal by only its name. 

A limited number of citation formats. 
Essay Map  Free to use; 

An interactive board to quickly structure the ideas. 

It was primarily designed for schools and doesn’t support difficult structures. 
Hemingway  Free;

Highlights different issues in different colors, making them easy to detect.

Doesn’t fix the sentences; only suggests changing them.
Thesaurus  Sort synonyms by their popularity; 

Offers filter by the part of speech;

Completely free and available online. 

No additional functions. 


Using such tools, you complete several goals at once: make your text academically correct, improve the style, and fix the errors. But the most important thing for students is time! Instead of spending hours proofreading the article, entrust the process to the services. 

Enhancing Writing Efficiency with AI Tools

What is special about AI writing tools, after all? Why is everyone talking about them? 

The thing is, artificial intelligence services offer features, unavailable for people even 2–3 years ago. They don’t only analyze your materials but are good at writing content. Here is how to use them:


  • As them to generate essay ideas and topics;
  • Request the thesis or example from the Internet – they will search and explain it; 
  • Ask AI for clarification of the topic you don’t understand. They are perfect at explaining things clearly;
  • Use their support to enhance the uniqueness of your text by changing the wording;
  • If the text is too large or small, you can request the size change – AI will delete unnecessary words or add something useful.

This technology is rapidly changing, and we don’t know what it will offer in a few months. But even now, they are crucial assistants. 

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Tool

Each instrument offers different functions and perks. Some are free, while some require a subscription to unlock the whole potential. The main factor is deciding what you need, and what are your weak points. But there are some other factors as well. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Essay Writing Tool

How to select the best improving essays service? Check out the tips: 


  1. Read the reviews. Check if other students are satisfied.
  2. Look through the functions. While some services offer one unique tool, others are complex writing assistants. Check what is offered, especially if you buy a subscription.
  3. Try free trials. In most cases, free versions of the tool are enough for students – you won’t write dozens of texts daily, right? But sometimes subscriptions offer unique features
  4. Check AI opportunities. Recently, artificial intelligence offered truly unique services. Check if the program integrated AI. 


Finally, deciding on your needs is a crucial factor. Some students are excellent at writing but need structuring tools. Others, on the contrary, can easily gather information but need someone to get the text done.

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What are the benefits of using essay writing tools?

Such tools accelerate the process of writing an essay. They correct mistakes and structure the text, and some AI instruments can even offer bright ideas. Even free writing tools can be a must.

How do AI writing tools enhance essay writing?

Each instrument provides different support. Some find grammar and spelling mistakes, while others help to structure the text – for example, by capitalizing the headings. 

What are the key features of effective essay-writing tools?

Such tools usually offer a free version, which usually has enough functions for a student. But in general, just look for programs that suit your demand.

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