Top 3 SQL Certifications To Boost Your Resume In 2023

Teams or individuals involved with data, data warehouses, or business intelligence use the computer language known as Structured Query Language or SQL.

Not just for software engineers or developers, but also frequently for team members playing the roles of business analysts or business intelligence developers, SQL proficiency is expected.

Using the SQL language, you can retrieve, insert, update, and delete data from one or more databases or tables, among other activities. It may involve something as straightforward as adding a row to a single table or something more complicated like carrying out operations or gathering information from numerous tables using intricate JOIN queries, etc.

The use of Microsoft SQL training is widespread and present in practically every company. Knowing SQL is always a bonus, whether you are a frontend or backend developer since it aids in your understanding of the whole product, data flow, fundamental queries, and database organization.

These qualifications are a must-have for data experts, but for a regular software developer, it’s crucial to have a fundamental understanding of SQL.

The certificates listed below demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of SQL in three widely used relational database management systems:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals-You will be equipped by this training to fill the responsibilities of a database administrator, data analyst, and data engineer. You will investigate the obligations, duties, and positions in the realm of data. Through cloud data solutions with Microsoft Azure, you will investigate relational data offerings, provisioning and deploy relational databases, and query relational data. When developing data analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure, you will investigate non-relational data offerings, provisioning and deploying non-relational databases, non-relational data stores, and processing alternatives.

You will learn about Power BI, its components, and how they interact as well as study Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure HDInsight.Obtaining this Microsoft entry-level certification verifies your understanding of data concepts used in Microsoft Azure data services, including how PostgreSQL and MySQL databases operate. With this certification, you may demonstrate your proficiency with relational and non-relational data as well as data workloads in addition to SQL.

  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification- You can demonstrate your understanding of basic SQL concepts, especially when utilizing them to communicate with the Oracle Database server, by earning the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certification. The SQL certification will demonstrate, among other things, your mastery of the SQL language, data modeling, and table usage. It requires passing just one certification exam.

To demonstrate that you comprehend the fundamental SQL concepts needed to manage any database project, earn the Oracle Database SQL Server certification. Passing the exam is proof that you have a solid grasp of SQL and how to use it when dealing with the Oracle Database server. Discover how to use insert, update, and delete SQL commands, as well as the Data Definition Language and Data Control Language, the optimizer, tables and indexes, data modeling, and normalization. Passing this test demonstrates a candidate’s familiarity with and command of the SQL language, data modeling, and the use of SQL to construct and modify tables in an Oracle Database.

  • IBM Certified Database Associate- If you wish to prove that you understand the Informix or Db2 relational database management systems, IBM offers three Certified Database Associate Certifications. You can obtain the certification by demonstrating a basic understanding of SQL, database design, database security, and transaction isolation.

An entry-level exam for users of any of the DB2 for the z/OS family of products is the Database Associate certification. The core ideas of DB2 11 for z/OS are understood by this person from either practical experience or formal and informal instruction. The database associate should be extremely knowledgeable in the fundamental advanced administration responsibilities.

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