5 Microsoft SQL Certifications To Master Your Data Career In 2023

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a computer language that is frequently used by experts who deal with huge volumes of data.

To clean, filter, extract, and analyze massive information, data professionals can use SQL to interface with relational database systems. According to research from Burning Glass Technologies from February 2020, SQL was the most in-demand expertise among IT, employers, demonstrating how SQL is still very important to the IT industry.

You may demonstrate your SQL proficiency through a number of Microsoft SQL certifications, the majority of which are vendor- or platform-specific. You may choose which certification to obtain, if any, by understanding the database technology that your sector of interest will need you to work with.

5 Microsoft SQL certifications  to master your data career in 2023

Relational database management systems are communicated using the SQL language. Numerous certifications that demonstrate a thorough comprehension of SQL furthermore assess your general knowledge of various database systems. The certificates listed below demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of SQL in five widely used relational database management systems.

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure certification path:

You will get a basic understanding of cloud data services, develop your core knowledge of cloud data services inside Microsoft Azure, and master the principles of database concepts in a cloud environment in this course. Through cloud data solutions with Microsoft Azure, you will investigate relational data offers, provisioning and install relational databases, and query relational data. You will gain knowledge of SQL, its many dialects, and how to utilize them to query and maintain data in a database.

Anyone interested in data analysis and learning how to handle data operations for their company or group should follow this Azure certification path.

  1. Powershell training for SQL Server Administrators:

Students who successfully complete this two-day PowerShell for SQL Server Administrators training course will be able to utilize PowerShell for SQL Server management. Students will gain management skills for routine and planned maintenance work. Although information and exercises on Analysis Services (SSAS) and Integration Services (SSIS) are also provided, the management of the database engine will be the major focus.

SQL Server administrators that operate in a Windows network environment should take this course. PowerShell and SQL Server administration experience of at least one year is advised.

Students who complete this course will have the essential know-how and abilities needed to automate and operate Windows servers using PowerShell. Students who complete this course will be able to recognize and develop the command they need to carry out a certain assignment. Students also learn how to create scripts for complex activities like producing reports and automating mundane operations. A wide range of Microsoft products, including Windows Server, Windows Client, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365, are supported by the necessary skills taught in this course.

3. Oracle Database SQL Certified Association Certification:

If you want to work with an Oracle SQL server, this is among the top courses for Oracle certification. It is simple to combine the course’s fundamental SQL knowledge demonstrations with the Oracle server. In any case, the course will teach you how to utilize the SQL language, model data, use tables, and many other things. The cost of taking this database certification course is $245, and passing one certification test is a requirement.

Obtain the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certification and show that you understand the basic SQL principles required to handle any database project. A thorough understanding of SQL and how to apply it while dealing with the Oracle Database server is demonstrated by passing the test. Learn how to use SQL commands for insert, update, and deletion, as well as Data Definition Language and Data Control Language, the optimizer, tables and indexes, data modeling, and normalization. A certified person who passes this test demonstrates familiarity with and a firm grasp of the SQL language, data modeling, and utilizing SQL to construct and manipulate tables in an Oracle Database.

4. SQL- MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

This SQL certification for beginners begins with the fundamentals and gradually raises the bar as you advance. The book also includes a good number of activities that are relevant to each idea since, as they say, “practice makes a man perfect.” The course also gives candidates the freedom to do it at their own speed, giving candidates a lot of flexibility. It is, in essence, a beginner’s database certification.

Software manufacturers are creating a variety of SQL Server Business Intelligence Tools swiftly to meet enterprises’ expanding data analysis needs. Business intelligence (BI) is a rapidly expanding software market. The Global Big Data and Business Analytics Market are anticipated to reach $448 billion by 2027, growing at a market growth rate of 13% CAGR during the anticipated period.

5. IBM Certified Database Associate

IBM provides three Certified Database Associate Certifications to demonstrate your proficiency with the Informix or Db2 relational database management systems.

You can obtain the certification by demonstrating a basic understanding of SQL, database design, database security, and transaction isolation. Each one calls for a test.

Is SQL Certification Value-For-Money?

If you work as a database specialist or want to, you undoubtedly consider the value of holding a SQL certification. How crucial is it? Is it worthwhile, too?

Certification in SQL is worthwhile. It gives database experts a method to show off their expertise and understanding of SQL best practices. Certifications in SQL might help you stand out in crowded employment marketplaces. Additionally, they aid in emphasizing platform- and vendor-specific SQL skill sets.

1.SQL Certifications Lay the Groundwork for Real-World Experience

SQL certifications are important to view as the foundation and framework for career development, as well as the basis for practical project-based experience. They set up expectations and provide a hammer-and-anvil approach to ensure that knowledge and skillsets are applied effectively.

2.SQL Certifications Can Improve Your SQL Skills

SQL certifications are not just for the benefit of enhancing a resume, but also to provide practical enhancements to current SQL proficiencies. The certification process involves a training phase followed by a project and/or exam, which can be done online or in a live classroom environment. The key takeaway is that SQL certification is not just a badge on the chest, but a practical expansion of the current skill set.

  1. For certain employers, having a SQL certification satisfies their requirements.

Employers may require SQL certification for certain job positions, providing experience in database management and technical skills. This certification is beneficial for those who are SQL professionals or developers, as it meets the prerequisites for an interview.

  1. Utilize Your Practical Experience and SQL Certification

SQL certification can be beneficial for a current or prospective employer, as it can lead to higher starting salaries, more experience, and consideration for promotions. Those who do not require certification may belittle the need for one, but the advantageous position they will be in for having one cannot be denied. Additionally, naysayers who see little value in having a SQL certification may not consider the competitiveness for new job positions.

5.SQL Certifications Show Professional Development

SQL certification helps to document the amount and pace of professional growth in a field such as data warehousing, database development, analytics, and business intelligence. It can also help to identify areas of expertise that may not be apparent to a new employer. By having a series of SQL certifications, such as those in the tiered Microsoft SQL Certification programs, it is easier to accredit your continuing amplification of SQL knowledge.

SQL Certifications offered by Microtek Learning

A well-known database is Microsoft SQL Server. The development of SQL Server Machine Learning and Big Data Clusters Services shows no indications of slowing down.

Your knowledge and abilities in SQL Server will advance thanks to our Microsoft SQL Server certification. Create reliable databases, become familiar with SQL queries, construct scalable Transact-SQL apps, grasp the principles of data warehousing, and create unique BI – Business Intelligence solutions to gain a more fantastic insight into data and make wise business decisions.

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