Top 3 Nectar Collectors To Buy In 2022

As fast the technology is growing, so does the nectar collectors. Since their launch in the market 10 years back, Nectar collectors have gained popularity from time to time. The concentrate straws come with a nectar collector allows a person to have full control over the amount of vaporization. Rather than finishing the vaporizer dabbing quickly as you have placed it on a hot nail, now you can remove heat from your concentrate to control it. There are different types of nectar collectors in the market and you must know which one is right for you. In this article, we have shared some quality nectar collectors to choose from. But before that have a look at 3 points to keep in mind before choosing any nectar collector:

  • Design

Will your nectar collector hold together? For this, you must check piece boasts frosted joint and keck clips. Is the design allows you to add water to cool your hits or not?

  • Quality

It is important to get a quality nectar collector because it has three pieces and they must join together correctly. We recommend getting one from the branded company because they focus more on quality than quantity.

  • Durability

As you get it from the brand, the durability will be good. But as the nectar collector is portable so does the dropable it can be. Also, you can see there is less space between glowing hot nails and the glass body. So choose thicker glass as it reduces breakage when dropped.

Below we have listed some famous and widely used brands:

  • Yocan Vaporizers

The first one is Yocan Vaporizers which offers a wide range of both manual and electric nectar collectors so the consumer can choose the one that suits his needs. They also provide wax pens, oil pens, and herb pens all under one roof. Their nectar collectors are not only for liked people but also for those who like dab pens. If we look at their Yocan Falcon 6-in-1 Vaporizer, it is the first electric nectar collector equipped with a 1000mAh battery to send maximum power to a quartz triple coil atomizer for wax. There is a pancake coil atomizer for herbs and an XTAL tip for wax concentrates. There are many other models that come with advanced technology to fulfill consumer needs.

  • Freeze Pipe Honey Collector

Simple nectar collectors are good to go but Freeze Pipe Honey Collector is on the next level. It has an amazing feature of combining freezable glycerin-coil-coldness with water that gives you massive dabbing clouds and an incredible experience. It is one of its kind that uses glycerin oil for nectar collectors. Moreover, the technology is set up in such a way that this nectar collector gets ready in a few seconds. Plus the portable feature makes it more attractive to use.

  • Pulsar Vapor Vessel V3

The last one is Pulsar Vapor Vessel V3 which comes with top-notch dab straw that gives precise concentration and takes the heat like a boss. It is made up of 100% heat-resistant quartz and is a spill-proof percolation chamber. The chamber let you see the bubbles build up when you dab from the mouthpiece. Further, this Pulsar Vapor Vessel V3 is easy to use and clean and you can take it anywhere you want.

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