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Vegetable Glycerin Market 2016 | Present Scenario and Growth Prospects 2026 

Vegetable glycerin is a natural substance made by heating vegetable oil at a high temperature while under underwater pressure. Palm oil, soy, coconut/palm oil, and other oils are used to make it. Vegetable glycerin has a pleasant flavor and is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Food and beverage, personal care products, and medications are the most common uses for vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is used as a sugar substitute or sweetener in the food and beverage sector, and it is frequently utilized in skincare and cosmetic products to keep skin moist and healthy. During the projected period, North America and Western Europe are expected to gain the biggest market share in terms of both value and volume. 

Market Drivers for Vegetable Glycerin Market 

Meals and beverage makers are some of the primary drivers driving demand for vegetable glycerin since it helps to thicken and manage the moisture content in food. Processed food makers utilize vegetable glycerin as a humectant and preservative. It is also gaining popularity among dairy and confectionery makers, where it is used as a sweetener. Vegetable glycerin is in high demand in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries, as it is frequently utilized in moisturizing skincare products.  

Demand for vegetable glycerin is also expanding in the global market, owing to an increase in the number of health-conscious consumers, as vegetable glycerin is less sweetening than sugar. It is also preferred by consumers who are looking for foods and beverages that are minimal in carbs. 

Key Players in the Global Vegetable Glycerin Market 

Procter & Gamble, NOW Foods, VVF L.L.C., Cargill, Incorporated, Dutch Glycerin Refinery (DGR), The Dow Chemical Company, Parchem fine & specialty chemicals, Avril Group, and Essential Depot, Inc. are some of the major competitors in the worldwide vegetable glycerin industry. 

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