Top 3 Magento 2 Extensions for eCommerce Business

Multinational companies opt for Magento. Nike, Ford, Nestle, and Coca-Cola are just some of the world-known brands that have trusted their business to Magento. With great power comes great responsibility, and Magento knows how to maintain a high level of security and an abundance of features any brand might need.

Nonetheless, the default Magento 2 is still missing some critical features that store owners can quickly complement with a third-party solution. That is a safe, easy and affordable way to add the required functionality without significant investment in development.

This article has been designed to share the most effective Magento 2 extensions that could do a world of good for an online business.

Let’s dive right into it.

What are the best Magento extensions?

Any business is like a living body. In a nutshell, all companies are similar. But if we do take a closer look, it becomes clear that the pain points slightly differ.

Yet still, the three pillars remain permanent:

  • How your product pages look
  • What marketing shticks you use to resonate with the consumer, and
  • How many steps your checkout process has

Marketing & Sales Suite

Marketing activities are often what slip off many businesses’ radars. There is frequently an insufficient budget to invest, and various time or staff constraints.

However, making the brand credible, and keeping customers loyal and returning should be the number one priority.

How can you achieve that?


(When done right.)

Consider integrating the following instruments into your marketing and sales activities:

  • Reward points system. In the digital world, the competition is fierce. Your brand must stand out. A valuable loyalty system could become one of the means to achieve that.
  • Personalization. Consumers expect to be treated uniquely – from interacting with your customer care to what unique deals they are offered.
  • Credibility. It involves multiple social proof aspects: user-generated content, product popularity notifications, advanced reviews, recent sales notifications, secure checkout, trust badges, multiple payment methods, etc.

Besides, sales-boosting tools can also come in handy. FOMO marketing, with its countdown timers and stock level progress bars, is a tried and tested means to trigger scarcity in online shoppers and influence their decision-making. 

Advanced Product Options

Product pages are one of the most important site destinations.

Here, all matters: the quality of your product images; how optimized your product description is; CTA buttons; layout; videos; etc.

Importantly, for brands with multiple products on the catalog and their high customizability, it is vital to turn products into customizable ones.

This can be achieved with a Magento 2 advanced product options module.

With the help of dependencies (conditional logic), store admins get to tweak product options display following what the consumer initially selects.

The functionality becomes a win-win. On the one hand, it improves site usability and user experience as shoppers can conveniently customize a product in one place. On the other hand, store admins can enjoy reduced workloads associated with managing items on the catalog. 

One Page Checkout Suite

The choice in favor of multi-step versus one-step checkout seems unmanageable. And it certainly deserves special attention.

As there are many factors that influence site abandonment, the complexity of the checkout flow is one of them.

Each solution has its advantages and drawbacks and should be selected after a deep business analysis. 

What will the pre-checkout process look like? How many steps will your checkout flow have? Will you twist delivery into the checkout flow? Will there be guest checkout?

There are many more questions that you should ask yourself when building the checkout process, and if a one-page checkout flow is what you decide on, you’ll require a well-coded Magento 2 extension to introduce the functionality successfully.


Indisputably, having a store on Magento is like driving a Rolls-Royce. It’s becoming more of a luxury and a quality mark. Success is guaranteed.

However, to get the most out of the platform, customization is required. Extensions offer the fastest and easiest means to fill in any possible functionality gaps you might be having.

The tools shortlisted above cover what needs improvement in Magento the most often. Which vendor you’ll opt for depends entirely on the scope of features your business requires.

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