Top 100 Websites Downtime Report In August, Thousands Affected

When browsing a website, we sometimes encounter a situation where a status code like “5xx” would be returned, or the page could not be loaded for a long time. Users often wonder whether this is because their Internet speed is terrible. In fact, the situation where the website server itself is malfunctioning is also possible. The server performance of top websites is basically stable, but it is inevitable that there will be occasional abnormal connection problems. Generally speaking, many anomalies are caused by network congestion which means too many visitors in a short period of time. This kind of website server abnormality causes users to be unable to access the website then. However, it will be solved automatically if you wait patiently for a while.

Blexb, a website tool specializing in website traffic statistics and strategy analysis, monitored website servers and gave a summary list of server anomalies of the world’s top 100 websites in mid-to-early August. Are you affected when these head websites are down or the connection is abnormal? Let’s take a look. 

Though the server performance of head websites is basically stable, experiencing very little downtime. But these three head websites have had one or more downtimes since August:

  •, the e-commerce platform, ranked 40th, went down twice at 9:23:38 and 9:40:14 on 2022-08-08 (UTC).
  •, the software development platform, ranked 48th, went down at 4:54:16 on 2022-08-15 (UTC).
  •, the software development community, ranked 71st, went down at 11:00:54 on 2022-08-01, and at 5:07:24, 13:40:33, 13:51:43, 14:57:17, 15:02:30, 15:05:48, and 15:12:25 on 2022-08-03, for seven downtimes, and again at 16:07:37 on 2022-08-08 (UTC).

In addition, Blexb has also monitored the instability of some head website servers, which will also affect the access and interaction of some users. The top 100 sites with unstable servers in August were:

  •, ranked 1st, had 6 times server instability;
  •, ranked 5th, had 1-time server instability;
  •, ranked 6th, had 24 times server instability;
  •, ranked 7th, had 9 times server instability;
  •, ranked 18th, had 10 times server instability;
  •, ranked 21st, had 4 times server instability;
  •, ranked 22nd, had 3 times server instability;
  •, ranked 23rd, had 6 times server instability;
  •, ranked 35th, had 7 times server instability;
  •, ranked 40th, had 11 times server instability;
  •, ranked 47th, had 201 times server instability;
  •, ranked 48th, had 4 times server instability;
  •, ranked 71st, had 24 times server instability;
  •, ranked 81st in the world, had 1-time server instability;
  •, ranked 89th in the world, had 1-time server instability;
  •, ranked 100th in the world, had 42 times server instability.

The above is a summary of the abnormal situation of the world’s top 100 website servers in mid-to-early August. Were you affected at that time? Remember that when the website server is unstable, visit to check the real-time status of the website, you may not be the only one who suffers downtime.

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