Top 10 NFT Marketplace Development Companies in USA

In the past few decades, NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, have experienced immense popularity and demand. For companies, entrepreneurs, investors, & users, NFT marketplace development has curated limitless opportunities. Even if the NFT market is growing tremendously, there is still plenty of room for new players to emerge. While incorporating NFT, businesses can meet the needs of consumers who want to sell any virtual property without worrying about counterfeiting.

NFTs have countless applications and have given people the chance to develop a lifetime’s worth of income streams. Building an NFT marketplace is the key to starting a future-proof business in the present with NFTs’ expanding popularity. So, if you are a business owner, investor, or entrepreneur planning to develop an NFT marketplace in 2022 and searching for the top NFT marketplace development companies in USA, this write-up is for you. It sheds light on the list of the top 10 NFT marketplace development companies that could be your saviour. Let’s discover the organizations one by one. 

List of Top 10 NFT Marketplace Development Companies in USA

Are you looking for the best NFT marketplace development services provider in USA? Getting confused, which organization to choose for blockchain development or NFT marketplace development? Here is the list of the best organizations that marked their presence in today’s competitive market.


  1. LeewayHertz


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
LeewayHertz 2007 4.7 14+


Established in 2007, LeewayHertz serves impeccable blockchain software development, NFT development, Metaverse development, and other services to all-scale businesses across the globe. In the past 14 years, this blockchain development firm has served a lot of big brands, including P&G, Disney, Siemens, and more. LeewayHertz serves NFT marketplace assistance to multiple sectors, including Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, etc. 

  1. Dev Technosys


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Dev Technosys 2010 4.8 11+

Dev Technosys was established in 2010 as an ISO 9001:2015 certified NFT marketplace development services provider. To date, the organization has served all-scale businesses in the US, UAE, and other regions with outstanding development assistance. Dev Technosys has a team of 150+ dedicated developers and is setting new records of blockchain development in different sectors, including real estate, healthcare, finance, and more. It has earned the distinction of being one of the top NFT development businesses because of its broad range of products that strive to meet the needs of NFT aficionados.   

  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Hyperlink InfoSystem 2011 4.8 10+

Hyperlink InfoSystem is another leading blockchain development firm serving businesses for the past 10+ years. The firm help businesses create NFT platforms for socializing, gaming, and treading. Hyperlink InfoSystem has around 650+ developers who help businesses develop NFT marketplace software within their budget.

  1. Boosty Labs


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Boosty Labs 2017 3.0 5+

Established in 2017, Boosty Labs offers ICO development, IEO development, blockchain development, NFT marketplace development, and other services. The organization serves multiple sectors, including fintech, real estate, & education. With an experience in all types of mobile app development services, the firm delivers smart business solutions to SMEs, mid-size businesses, and Startups.

  1. Appinventiv


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Appinventiv 2014 4.8 8+

Appinventiv came into the business world in 2014 and is counted among the top NFT token development firm. The organization serves almost every business sector as other organization does. Within a short period, Appinvetiv has gained tremendous growth and market attention.

  1. INORU


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
INORU 2006 4.7 12+

INORU is another notable NFT & blockchain development company, established in 2006. The company excelled in serving mobile and web development services to clients worldwide. Businesses looking for ready-made solutions in a niche like music, art, photography, and games can consult this firm.

  1. AppDupe


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
AppDupe 2013 4.5 8+

With a team of blockchain developers and more than 7 years of competence, AppDupe is a reputable NFT development business provider. The enterprise provides tailor-made NFT development solutions that help businesses grow. The company works on several popular blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, and more.

  1. Orion eSolutions


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Orion eSolutions 2012 5.0 10+

Orion eSolutions was started in 2012 and is counted as the top-rated NFT & blockchain development company in US and India. The organization’s transparent communication, tailored solutions, and timely updates have won thousands of clients’ trust in no time. The company serve multiple industries, including – construction, e-learning, medical healthcare, and accountants.

  1. PixelPlex


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
PixelPlex 2007 4.9 13+

PixelPlex is an NFT development and consulting company with a track record of thousands of happy customers. Even after the NFT trading platform has been deployed, the company continues to offer support and maintenance. PixelPlex blockchain app development services aren’t limited to a particular domain as it provides all types of solutions, such as – Gaming, Fashion, eCommerce, Metaverse, DeFi, and more.

  1. Turnkey Town


Company Founded In Rating Years of Experience
Turnkey Town 2016 4.2 5+

Turnkey Town is a well-known blockchain development company with over 5+ years of experience in offering trending technological solutions. Their clients are of all scales, including Startups, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises. To date, this blockchain development company has served a wide range of businesses in achieving their goals.

Final Thoughts!

NFT marketplace development demand in the US and other regions is increasing worldwide across the globe. As a result, all-scale businesses are investing in blockchain software development, NFT development, and more to become a part of this ever-rising competition. The number of NFT marketplace development companies has also increased with the increased demand. This has raised confusion among businesses as they find it really difficult to pick the right organization for NFT marketplace development. 

The list of the top 10 companies is mentioned in this blog to ease the selection process. We hope now it will be easier for businesses to make the right decision for blockchain development and more. 

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