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Top 10 Fintech Startups to watch in Latin America 2017

Fintech Startups Latin America

In 2017, we are expecting to see a lot of successful fintech startups that are determined to take the tech world by the storm. Only 51% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean has a bank account. However, those who don’t’ are getting more involved in the world of alternative financing through a lot of blossoming fintech startups that offer friendly and innovative alternative banking solutions and financial Services. 

Here is the list of the Top 10 Fintech Startups to watch in Latin America 2017:

1) Ripio

It was founded in Argentina in 2014 under the name BitPagos but this year it decided to change its name to Rapio, the name of its credit service and bitcoin wallet. The company is trying to shift more towards consumers-related services due to its great success. It has recently devoted $1.9 million to increase its digital payment and bitcoin services in South America. The company is now focused to expand its services to Mexico after achieving significant success in Latin America.

2) Recarga Pay

This company offers its users the chance to use their mobile credit to pay bills and to send money to their friends and families instead of having to do these actions in person. It is the leading mobile payments platform in Brazil for daily transactions that involve paying and transferring money. It is founded in Argentina but its biggest market happens to be in Brazil and it has been appraised and chosen as part of Mastercard’s Start Path Global. It has raised around $8 million to date and still continues to offer great services to those who are not enjoying the benefits of traditional banking.


IOUU was founded to offer revolutionary banking services. It is mainly designed to assist micro and small businesses to find appropriate financial solutions that are in line with the regulations of the National Finance System and the Central Bank. They even offer lower interest rates than banks. You can get a loan easily by an online application that won’t take more than 10 minutes, which will enable you to gain access to financing within 2 weeks. IOUU also offers a chance for investors to choose from an array of investment opportunities that give a return between 15% and 30% per year.

4) Mesfix

It is a Colombian virtual marketplace that connects small and medium business owners with investors. It helps small and struggling businesses by increasing their cash flows when they get a chance to sell their pending receivables at a discount to investors, members of the Mesfix community. It was selected as the winner of Seedstars World Columbia Competition and also won the grand prize at Santander InnoVentures’ finetech event in Brazil.

5) Nubank

It is one of the top leading fintech companies in Brazil. Today the company successfully has more than 3 million customers, all satisfied with the high quality services provided. It has also successfully completed an $80 million funding round. It won the prize of “Marketers that Matter” which is only awarded to the most innovative marketing teams including Google and GoPro. By doing so, it was the first company in Latin America to receive this honor. It is now trying to expand its new line of services, which involves no fees credit cards that charge customers a monthly interest rate based on their credit history.

6) Clip

This Mexican company developed a technology that allows users to accept credit card payments via their smartphones and tablets. This business solution enables all small businesses and even individuals to accept credit card payments easily through the company’s applications designed for Android devices, IPhones and IPads. The company has raised about $8 million in funding from key Silicon Valley and Mexican investors and is playing a great role in empowering small businesses by facilitating their point of sale experiences.

7) Conketa

This is another online payment company in Mexico that offers business solutions to small and medium sized businesses. It offers a wide range of online payment solutions and antifraud tools to small businesses in emerging markets and economies. The company enables businesses to create the design of their own payment solution through any app or website. This allows companies to accept more online payments from their customers, and thus maximizing their profits.

8) Konfio

It is a leading Mexican company that grants companies loans through online applications. These loans them help grow and develop their businesses and are given at very competitive rates. Small businesses represent about 95% of the market in Mexico but were often ignored by bigger financial organizations. Over 200 000 small businesses approached Konfio for loans during the first 2 years of its launch.

9) Oi Warren

This company offers specially designed investment plans that are best tailored to suit the individual needs of every business. Their customers only have to set their business goals while the company puts a strategy to achieve them. The company even offers a lot of investment opportunities for interested clients even for as little as $100. The company has a competent team of economists, designers, investment managers and developers, all focused on providing their clients with a simple and affordable investment experience.

10) Acesso Card

The company offers an alternative way to spend to those who don’t have a bank account or a credit card. It offers a prepaid rechargeable Master Card which is the best way to shop online safely. It is also appropriate for people who are struggling to be financially independent, for giving allowance to teens or for travellers who don’t wish to travel with cash. The card can be internationally used and doesn’t require a bank account or a credit score. It is also very easy and cheap to buy. It can be recharged easily making it one of the best financial alternatives in communities where people don’t have access to traditional banks.

The world of fintech startups in Latin America is becoming more competitive and innovative as more companies are successfully competing in providing alternative financial solutions to businesses in emerging markets. These fintech startups are changing the rules of banking and financing through a number of innovative and creative tools and solutions.

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