Top 10 Features on Ether Legends

The advent of decentralization and blockchain has engendered innovation in every sphere. Even though cryptocurrency is one of the most popular applications of blockchain technology, other industries have hugely benefited from it.

In a bid to come up with a decentralized trading card game, the Ethereum platform is being utilized for MMORPG games such as Ether Legends. Ether Legends eliminates the need for any middleman or a central hub to moderate or control gaming competitions.

In order to play, you can optionally purchase physical cards or digital cards from the online marketplace with which you can either trade, play, or just hold on to your assets. You can then redeem physical trading cards by scanning the QR code which registers the asset to the blockchain and becomes a digital asset. The game is run by smart contracts which are self-executing and self-governing. On the network, you can join millions of players online and play. Your winnings can then be traded, sold, or stored in a secure digital wallet.

Some of the top features which make Ether Legends a game for Legends is explained in the following paragraphs.

Completely Automated Implementation

Smart contracts are relied upon for the automation, recording, and trading of results. The implication of this is that every purchase, sale, and trade is completely automated. Now, your earnings cannot be confiscated unjustly anymore.

Digital Game Assets

Here, your digital content earned, purchased, traded, or sold through the Ether Legends marketplace is secure and immutable. This means that it cannot be duplicated and that it is forever in your possession.

Game Transactional Data is Stored Safely

Blockchain technology ensures that your data is verified and stored on a secure platform. On Ether Legends, whether you win or lose, you are gaining experience and this experience is attached to the player and not the character as a separate digital asset. This ensures that your records and experience remains with you, even when you change characters your experience can be applied to those cards in which you decide.

External Exchange

Work is ongoing to ensure that the game token and digital assets are available on exchanges outside of the gaming platform. Internal to the gaming platform, the marketplace will function like an exchange for digital assets.   

Elimination of Middlemen

While playing the Ether Legends collectible trading card game, there is no interference or intrusion from any third party. Here, you can play your game in peace at your own pace. Because middlemen have been eliminated, the operating and transaction cost are greatly reduced. You enjoy tremendous cost savings while playing your favorite game.

Supported Plugins

In order to make purchases seamless and safe, third party trading solutions have been integrated into the Ether Legends’ gaming interface. Now, users who do not own ETH can use platforms such as Shapeshift and Coinbase to purchase Elementeum.

Instant Payment

Also, you automatically get rewarded with Elementeum tokens when you win.

In-game Rewards

Ether legends ensure that your legendary act does not go unrewarded. When you win competitive matches, you are rewarded with digital assets.

Secure Ethereum Platform

Ethereum, with a transaction completion time of 10 seconds, is the underlying technology and this ensures swift transactions. Release of Plasma will increase these transaction times. The decentralized technology also ensures that your game is immune to hacking and other vices.

Meteor Framework to Ensure App Availability

Using this popular framework, you can create reactive web-based applications which can run as Distributed applications (DApps). This reduces the redundant work and helps the developers focus on the core of the gameplay features, ensuring maximum fun and ease of portability.

Undoubtedly, Ether Legends will cause a disruption in the gaming technology. With these features, it is impossible to fail to see the importance of this game to the world at large. The question is, are you ready to be a part of this disruption? If you are, there will be an ongoing token sale for Elementeum; the currency underlying the Ether Legends collectible trading card game. You can get more information here. This application of blockchain technology with gaming and Ether Legends leading the way will revolutionize gaming.

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