Tom Chang, MD Talks Digital Health and Well-Being Platforms

Digital Health and Well-Being Platforms

As the world changes, more and more people rely on digital platforms to gain insights into the best practices for maintaining good health. Tom Chang, MD notes that this natural shift from more traditional healthcare methods to technology-based solutions has happened faster due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital health platforms harness technological advancements like artificial intelligence, virtual therapy, and mobile applications to provide health services. Tom Chang, MD explains that as Digital Health becomes the norm, it is vital for patients to understand Digital Health platforms and benefits.

Categories of  Digital Health Platforms

Digital Health and Well-being can generally be classified into different types of categories. Some of the more common ones include Health and Wellness Coaching, Corporate Health and Wellness, and Health and Wellness Tracking. 

Tom Chang, MD on Digital Coaching

Health and  Wellness Digital Coaching software helps users who intend to make lifestyle changes to achieve them. This includes equipping users with skills to achieve their goals- usually, this is achieved with demonstrations or “how-to” content. Coaching also involves providing the tools for self-development, the information, and in some instances, a self–development culture. The ability to connect with other people who are experienced in achieving your desired health goals makes coaching Digital Health platforms successful. Tom Chang, MD explains that Health and wellness Digital Coaching encourages patients to be self-motivated while providing them with the flexibility to develop at their own pace. 

Corporate Digital Health Platforms

Digital health and well-being have been adapted majorly in corporate workspaces. Tom Chang, MD explains that where corporate bodies adopt digital Health platforms, consultation becomes easier for healthcare providers. Corporate digital health platforms are created to make engagement as easy as possible. Simple mobile apps that can track company activities and general wellness and Corporate offices with digital platforms have access to employees’ wellness information. They can make informed decisions on how to achieve a healthy working environment. 

Digital Health and Wellness Tracking Platforms

Digital platforms used for tracking health metrics are the most popular version of digital wellness platforms. Tracking platforms help educate users on their health while serving as a form of self-motivation for users. Tom Chang, MD explains that the best feature of tracking on digital health tracking platforms is how it allows users to observe their health in real-time. This constant monitoring enables users to identify and take note of changes in their bodies. Some digital tracking platforms go even further to conduct confidential health assessments for their users based on the data that has been tracked. 

Tom Chang, MD on the Benefits of Digital Health Platforms

Digital health has a relatively broad operational scope. Dr. Chang explains that there are several components involved in digital health. He mentions that some of these include but are not limited to – medical devices, medical apps, general wellness, telemedicine, software as a medical device,  health IT, cybersecurity, and medical devices are all digital health platform elements. Tom Chang, MD explains that Digital Health technology is highly beneficial to healthcare providers and patients. “These platforms make it easier for Doctors like me to do our jobs effectively while being accessible to our patients.” There are several benefits of Digital Health and Well-being platforms. Some of these are discussed in this article. 

Digital Health Platforms provide Mental Health Support

Tom Chang, MD notes that one of the most progressive advantages of digital health platforms is the support these platforms provide to those with mental health issues.  The lockdown period presented a systemic challenge to the mental health of a lot of people. Dr. Chang explains that digital health platforms offered a sustainable solution to mental health treatments where physical consultation was not available. 

Personal Health

Digital Health Platforms Track Personal Health

Another benefit of digital health platforms is the ability to track personal health behaviors and program participation.  Digital health platforms like Fitbit, for example, allow people to achieve their health goals by tracking their activities and indicating behavioral changes to users. Tom Chang, MD mentions these platforms help make individuals active participants in their health journeys. By enabling people to view their health statistics and other relevant information, digital health platforms allow individuals to be more aware of their health. 

Digital Health Platforms Provide Behavioral Change Campaigns

Digital health platforms are effective in providing behavior change campaigns and challenges. Some platforms offer recipes, points, coupons, or rewards to incentivize users towards better general performance. 

Digital Health Platforms Transmit and Process Vital Information

digital health

Digital health platforms are effective in transmitting vital information to Healthcare institutions on their users. By interfacing with healthcare providers, digital platforms can give real-time electronic information, allowing doctors to provide informed recommendations without physical checks. Tom Chang, MD notes that technology like this makes health care less costly and more effective.

Digital health platforms also have the potential to amass huge sums of data. Dr. Chang speculates that the data gained from digital health platforms will be invaluable in the future. By harvesting large amounts of data stored on personal digital health devices, researchers may draw a connection between lifestyles and medical conditions. Tom Chang, MD explains that being able to predict what medical conditions are linked with a certain lifestyle will go a long way in helping medicine. 

The Conclusion from Tom Chang, MD

Tom Chang, MD explains that digital health and well-being platforms are the future of medicine. He mentions that it is just as important for brands to establish a solid physical presence. According to Dr. Chang, the Premiere Surgery Center’s recent acquisition in San Diego by Acuity Eye Group was an expansion targeted at servicing the group’s online presence. Providing a digital health platform is a crucial step for every brand that desires to grow and evolve.

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