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Tips To Find the Right Coffee Table

Are you thinking of buying a coffee table for your home? With an overwhelming number of designs and styles of coffee tables available online, you may need clarification to pick the perfect coffee table for your home. This versatile furniture can hold almost anything and is used as a statement piece to elevate your interior. At Wakefit buy a coffee table online that blends right with other decors in your home. The choice of your coffee table depends on certain factors like size, shape, and materials. If you need further help here are some practical tips that help you bring home a perfect coffee table for your home.

Decide On A Placement Area

Deciding the location of your coffee table is an important decision when you buy coffee tables online. The coffee table is a fantastic centrepiece in your home so place it in a location that elevates the overall look of your living room. Make sure the placement of your coffee table does not affect the functionality of the furniture. The size and shape of your living room contribute to where you place the coffee table. Many prefer to place the coffee table in the middle of the living room as it serves as a focal point. Modern coffee table of different shapes goes well when placed in unused corners of your living room.

Measure The Available Space

When buying a coffee table online make sure you measure the space where you intend to place your coffee table. It is good to maintain a distance of 18 inches from the sofa to your coffee table. This makes it easy for you to access stuff from your coffee table while seated on your sofa. Ensure you leave a manageable gap between the coffee table and the seating in your home. For a large living room, placing two coffee tables strikes a perfect balance.

Pick The Perfect Size

Premium coffee tables online come in different sizes. Choose the coffee table size based on the size of your living room. This helps you maintain the symmetry of the room making it pleasing to your eyes. A perfect-sized coffee table gives a balanced look to your living room. Go for a coffee table that matches the height, width and length of other decor in your room. Installing a large coffee table in a small living room leaves you with less space for navigation in your room. A small coffee table fits perfectly in compact spaces. Measure the size of other furniture, especially the sofa before you decide the size of your coffee table.

Go For An Appropriate Shape

The coffee table you choose must complement the look and other decor of your living room. An oval coffee table is the right choice when you wish to have plenty of circulating space in your living room. A rectangle coffee table suits the best for large spaces. It also provides ample space for books, newspapers, magazines and other stuff. If you wish to use your coffee table as a stunning centrepiece of your living then a round coffee table is a right pick. For an appealing living room use a square coffee table. It is also the right pick when you have limited floor space in your living room.

Choose The Right Material

Deciding the material of your coffee table is crucial as it impacts the overall ambience of your living room. Your lifestyle impacts the choice of the material. Make sure you pick a suitable material that syncs with other interiors in your living room. Decide on the style of your living room before you choose the material for your living room. For an industrial look, a metal coffee table is the right pick. Go for a glass coffee table for a chic and elegant look. If you’re concerned about the safety of your family then a tempered glass-top coffee table is a good choice. For a traditional look opt for a solid wood coffee table. A marble-top coffee table adds a touch of luxury to your space.

Check For Functionality

A coffee table is not only a decor element but a versatile piece of furniture. Purchase a coffee table that serves its actual purpose. There must be ample space on your coffee table to hold essential stuff like coffee mugs, books, magazines, flower vases etc. Make sure the coffee table design allows you to easily access the stuff. Go for a coffee table with storage features if you have plenty of stuff to store in your living room. A coffee table with an ottoman adds up to your seating area. Be wise when selecting the material of your coffee table as it can impact its functionality.

Consider Your Budget

Budget is a crucial constraint when buying coffee tables online. You can buy a coffee table that fits your budget. The price of your coffee table is based on its quality and durability. The material choice also decides the cost of your coffee table. Buy engineered wood coffee tables available online which are both trendy and durable. You end up spending a lot when you buy low-quality and cheap coffee tables.

Additional Tips To Help You Buy A Perfect Coffee Table

  • Think of buying a side table or centre table for your home which is a better alternative to a coffee table that serves the purpose of a coffee table.
  • It is better to avoid a smooth texture coffee table as there is a risk of tripping food or drink.
  • Try out a combination of materials like a wooden coffee table with a glass top if you’re looking for a classic and durable coffee table online.
  • Go for a kid-friendly coffee table when you have kids who run around the house. Oval or round-shaped coffee table comes with curved corners which is safe for kids.
  • If you have limited storage space in your home then it is wise to choose a coffee table with drawers and shelves to maximize storage.

Hope the above serves as a buying guide for purchasing a perfect coffee table for your home.

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