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Tips on How You Can Handle a Job Loss

Job Loss

Being fired or laid off can be a heartbreaking and stressful time in anyone’s life.  While it may seem challenging to put a positive spin on a recent job loss, there are several things that all people should do shortly after losing their job, which will help to feel better about the situation, minimize the financial burden, and even lead to quicker employment. 

Update Your Resume

If you were not expecting to lose your job, it is possible that you have not updated your resume in quite some time.  It may be wise to work with a recruiter to help you prepare your resume as they will be able to provide insight into what current resume trends are and what employers are looking for. You can also hire a resume writer to help you on your resume. This is the first thing that you need to remember before getting back in on the game again. Asking for professional help can give you more chances of getting a new one. 

Let Your Network Know

The first thing you need to do after losing your job is to let everyone in your network know about your situation.  While it may be embarrassing to spread the news of your job loss, most people will be supportive of your situation and will not look down on you.  When letting your network know, it would be best not to bad-mouth your former employer too much.  Instead, you should focus on your future goals and allow your network to know that you are looking for work.  Be sure to contact all former colleagues, clients, recruiters, and anyone else who may be able to help you find a job. If you’re going for an executive position, might as well take a look at some executive resume sample that you can follow. 

 Understand Your Benefits

After you have lost your job, you should also spend time understanding what your benefits are.  While you may be uncomfortable talking to your former employer, you should have a conversation with your human resources department to understand when you will receive your last paycheck, when health insurance benefits will be cut off, and whether you qualify for any other benefits.  You should also check with your local unemployment office to see if you qualify for an unemployment benefit.   

Do Something You Enjoy or to Improve Yourself

While there are some negatives associated with being unemployed, the one main benefit is that you will have much more time to yourself.  People who try to spend their unemployed time productively by taking up a new hobby, exercising regularly, or volunteering will ultimately stay in better spirits and have a better attitude.

While it is hard to keep up with the entire loss, take this opportunity to make sure you improve the parts mentioned above. It is not hard to get back in the industry and try again. But if there are still some things that lacks improvement, you will find yourself in the same spot again. 

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