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8 Jobs in the Tech Industry Every Student Can Apply For

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The trends in technology today have a significant influence on every sector. Any experience in the tech field is an asset, whether it is a part-time job, internship, or the first job after graduation. For the same reason, students, regardless of their major, are looking into the tech industry’s opportunities.

To help you along the way, we have put together a list of the top tech jobs that you, as a student, can apply to.

1) Web Developer

The availability of dozens of online courses in coding has encouraged many students to pursue web development as a part-time hobby. Fortunately, it is one of the jobs that are in high demand now.

Being a web developer, you can set up your web services, such as, offering essay writing help to your fellow students. You can build your portfolio with your personal projects, which is practically the only thing you need to impress any hiring manager.

2) Web Designer

While web developers are usually focused on building a website’s core structure and functionalities, a web designer explores the design potential that goes into the site. You can do this with your creativity and knowledge of programs such as HTML. CSS, and JSS, among others. As a web designer, you are responsible for the site’s aesthetics, and graphic design skills will come in highly beneficial to shine in this role. 

3) Technical Sales

Technical sales is perhaps one of the jobs that is the least hands-on tech role in the list. You would be required to pitch for tech products, hardware, software, or digital services. You can even find online educational services on, and attract new consumers by sharing your own experiences working with the best essay services. Regardless of what you are promoting, you need to have the product knowledge first.

Besides, you also need the willingness to understand what the client seeks and offer them the appropriate solutions in a way that’s appealing to them.

4) User Experience Designer

If you are keen on the research that happens in developing a new application or a website, then UX design is an area worth trying. While a UX degree is certainly preferred for this role, you can learn the most relevant strategies through online courses. A UX designer’s job is to create solutions that will offer the customer a seamless experience while using the application. The essential skills you require for this role include a curious mind, good communication skills, and an interest in predicting human behavior.

5) Technical Consultant

If you have a background in programming or expertise in any technical field, you can leverage your skills to become a technical consultant. This is one of the positions that you can undertake as part-time while being a student, or full-time after graduation. Being a technical consultant could lead you to diverse roles in a project lifecycle.

Depending on your knowledge of the product and technical background, you could be involved in developing the product, pitching it to potential clients, or offering services in maintenance. 

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6) Programming

Coding knowledge opens a plethora of opportunities in the software department. If you have an inclination to solve problems, programming is easily one of the most lucrative and challenging niches of tech jobs. You would be writing code and testing it to create computer applications and other programs. The uses of programming are not limited to one industry or one specialty. Thanks to the long list of online certifications in numerous programming languages, you will have no trouble teaching yourself to become an expert in coding.

7) Technical Shop Support

Technical shop support is essentially the customer service offered for technical solutions. Similar to being a salesman, you will require the right dose of interpersonal skills as well as product knowledge. In your role, you should be able to offer timely customer feedback, troubleshoot technical issues, and offer support for any customer queries.

In some positions, you will also be needed to handle written documentation. This job usually comes with the training in the particular product you are handling, making it possible for students to fill the role.

8) Technical Writing

Are you interested in combining your flair for writing with your passion for new technological advancements? Technical writing might be an exact match for your job preferences. It is a highly coveted skill in the current professional landscape. However, technical writing can be more complex and could have different purposes in different concepts. It could mean writing on technical or specialized topics, instruction manuals, or even offering reviews or well-researched articles on technology. 

While this might seem a long list, it is only a fraction of the abundant opportunities available in the tech industry. The more experience you gain, the more you can explore the fields lucrative for your career. In the tech-driven world, it is never a bad idea to try out a supporting role at any level. 

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