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Tips for Styling Kurti Set for Women to Appear in Office Events

Every woman desires to hold a stylish appearance. Isn’t it? Every day, new and stylish dresses are being introduced in the market. Surprisingly, the kurti set for women has gained wide popularity.

It is just because of the trendy look and comfortable fittings. Also, it is a highly reasonable dress in terms of casual and formal wear. Today, almost every woman has a collection of colorful and stylish-looking kurti in her wardrobe. 

As a working professional, are you getting any vibes of an office event in the organization? If yes, then it is high time to select the right type of attire along with accessories to have a stylish look. 

Not getting where to start? Relax! Below are some remarkable tips that will let you have a stylish look at office events. 

Going with Shirt Style Formal Kurti Set

A kurti also referred to by the name a tunic will reflect the sparing beauty of the wearer. Though there are numerous styles available in the closet, it is high time to go for some permutation and combination. 

A formal kurti set for office wear is indeed inclusive of a limited number of styles. Going with some mixing and matching will let in flaunting the style statement exclusively. Various styles available include:

  1. Asymmetrical shirts
  2. Front slit kurtis
  3. Up-and-down kurtis etc. 

To make a style statement, it is possible to pair it with a palazzo, leggings, and pants. Various styles available apart from shirt style include handwork, sleeves, and collars. The addition of amazing accessories including handbags, scarves, belts, and jewelry will provide a highly spectacular look. 

Selection of Kurtis Comprising Light Designs

Whatever you are planning to wear for your office, it must be inclusive of a formal and confident look. On the way to buying an online kurti set for the office, it is advisable not to go with embellished kurtis. 

The design of the kurti selected must not only be simple but must also feature clean cuts. Also, it must not feature every curve of the body. In terms of fittings, kurtis having too loose fittings must be avoided. 

Going with a semi-fitted kurti with having boat neck, collar, and long cotton jacket will be suitable for office events. The color of the kurti sets that you are about to select must reflect a formal feeling. 

Better avoid popping colors as they hardly preach a great sense of style. Bright colors that will make you look graceful instead of jazzy include:

  1. Sky blue
  2. Light pink
  3. Yellow
  4. Coral
  5. Indigo and many more.

Some women do not prefer going with dull colors that include grey and brown. They may go with neon green and red to brighten their entire look.

Better Not to Wear Backless Kurtis in Office

As you will be along with your colleagues at the office party, it will be good to maintain the decorum. Nobody has barred you from going with a stylish-looking kurti set. But, it is good to avoid wearing strappy or backless Kurtis.

Such kurtis even after being stylish hardly go with the dressing ethics of an office. Still, you can flaunt your bold appearance by pairing your kurti with a jacket or shrug. After coming across the most suitable type of kurtis to wear in an office, it is time to peep into some of the best ways to choose accessories carefully.

Amazing Hacks to Accessorize Kurtis for Office Party

Accessorizing party wears kurti sets is an art. The accessories that you are about to choose must be graceful. They are not only limited to earrings and jewelry but inclusive bags etc. Below are some amazing hacks that you must follow while choosing the right accessories along with a beautiful kurti:

1.Wearing a simple dupatta – 

On the way to choosing a matching dupatta for the kurti set that you are about to wear, better go with the one having a simple design. Picking solid colored dupatta manufactured using cotton and light silk will be a great decision. 

Dupattas inclusive of heavy embroidery and prints must be avoided in the workplace. But, the ones with thin jari borders or small buttons may go for office wear. Tucking the dupatta with a brooch can be done.

2.Avoiding overdoing the hair – 

Hairstyling is a vital part of any look as it showcases an impeccable sense of style. But, when you are going to the office, better keep your hairstyle as simple as possible. 

Overdoing of the hair must be avoided. Combing properly followed by going with a neat ponytail or low bun will be a great idea. Women having short hair must hold it with the help of clips instead of flashy hair accessories.

3.Opting for formal heels or sandals – 

At the time of choosing the right footwear for an office party, going with formal heels or sandals will be great. Women having short heights may opt for heels for a significant lift. 

The pairing of sleek and smart heels with a kurti set for women will do wonders. Kitten heels may also be worn to improve posture and gain better body balance. You may also go with good-looking sandals like open-toed with office kurtis. 

These are some amazing tips that you must follow while wearing a kurti set for an office party. Visiting Stado Fashion will let you come across some decent collections, thus making your selection easy.


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