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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Office Holiday Party

Throwing an office holiday party is the best way to get colleagues to celebrate a year of hard work and success. It gives employees something to look forward to and makes them feel appreciated. It’s not a secret that parties make the season merrier, but if you are on the event planning team, you may feel overwhelmed at the initial stages of the planning process. 

Between choosing the best date and location, selecting the perfect food and drinks like chips and guac or grass-fed beef sticks, and ensuring the party is fun and memorable, planning your office holiday party is no easy task. Luckily, with this online guide and convenient resources like wine delivery, you’ll feel more at ease when planning the ultimate holiday party. You can also always get everyone a small gift bag with their favorite historical fiction books and personalized holiday greeting cards.

Here are five key steps to plan an office party that the entire office will love. 

1. Select the date 

Tight work schedules and the busy holiday season may make it challenging to select the best date. You want to choose a date when most people in the office are available. Thursday is a great option because it doesn’t require employees to sacrifice a weekend night. While the next day might be less productive, people will have higher spirits when working through a headache on a Friday.

Make sure to send the invite as early as possible so everyone can mark their busy holiday season calendars. Try to aim for the first or second week of December, as people’s schedules will likely have space before the holidays are in full swing.

2. Choose a venue

Depending on the number of people invited, you may decide to host the party in the office or at an external venue. No matter where you choose, don’t forget always to consider your budget! 

An office setting is a good and convenient choice for an informal gathering. Employees will feel more comfortable, there is no extra commute to attend, and you will be able to spend more of the budget on decor, wine delivery, and memorable activities. 

However, a nearby bar is another great option if you think your colleagues would prefer to leave the office. Contact a few different venues to see if they have party packages! You can even narrow the choices and send a poll to colleagues to see which location they prefer.  

3. Don’t make food and drinks an afterthought

Food and drinks are one of the most memorable parts of a party, so you should have plenty of options to please the crowd. As many caterers become booked early in the holiday season, try to reach out to find one as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to consider special diets and order suitable options for everyone. 

It’s no surprise that people look forward to the drinks at an office party, so get creative and celebrate the season with special holiday cocktails and delicious wine. There are endless ways to get the entire office in the holiday spirit, from candy cane martinis to holiday punch. Luckily, deciding on the drinks you want to serve doesn’t need to be planned so far in advance. Convenient wine delivery makes ordering your favorite drinks in time for the party easier than ever. 

4. Decide a theme

Although the party’s theme will likely include holiday cheer, adding another creative idea to increase excitement never hurts. Whether you make it an ugly sweater extravaganza, elegant holiday happy hour, or base the theme on a classic holiday movie, adding a unique twist to the event will make it more fun.

Let everyone know the theme when you invite them so they can plan their outfit. It will build overall excitement and make it a night to remember!

5. Plan fun activities 

Although activities aren’t required for an office party, they can make it more fun! Getting everyone involved in the activity will encourage colleagues to socialize more with various departments. A secret Santa is a great way to involve everyone and introduce members of different teams. Another option is a holiday cookie exchange, where everyone brings baked goods to the event for colleagues to try. 

Remember, the activities don’t all need to be holiday themed, so think outside of the box. You can have a karaoke night or simply offer photo props for colleagues to pose together. Another fun choice is a raffle with boozy gift baskets from wine delivery that you can have delivered right to the office. Everyone will love it, because who doesn’t like prizes?

Ready to start planning?

Now that you have tips on planning the ultimate office party, it’s time to start! Don’t forget to consider your budget and office culture, and when in doubt you can always turn to useful resources and colleagues for help. Take advantage of e-cards, office polls, and wine delivery options to make planning fun rather than stressful. The earlier you start, the more relaxed you will feel before the event. Happy planning!

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