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Tier 3 Players in the Dyed Polyester Filament Market Hold More than 40% of Share – Fact.MR Study

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By the end of 2018, the Dyed Polyester Filament market is expected to generate revenue of more than US$ 87,000 million. A considerable increase in the use of polyester in the textile sector, such as clothes and home furnishings, as well as rising demand for Dyed Polyester Filament in the manufacturing of automotive textile, are two major reasons driving the Dyed Polyester Filament market revenue.

According to a Fact.MR analysis, sales of Dyed Polyester Filaments are likely to outsell sales of other forms of Dyed Polyester Filaments. The significant rise of fully drawn yarn in the Dyed Polyester Filament market is being driven by the continued desire for fully drawn yarn in the manufacture of textiles and fabrics for high-end sportswear, undergarments, and home textiles.

Textile Industry Accounts for Over 60% of Revenue Share in Dyed Polyester Filament Market

Dyed Polyester Filament consumption in the textile industry is predicted to expand steadily. Dyed Polyester Filaments, which may be used to partially replace cotton yarns, are in high demand in the textile sector. Dyed Polyester Filament yarn demand and sales are constantly increasing, owing to the relatively higher pricing of cotton yarn.

According to the report, as a result of broader advances in a variety of end-use industries, the proportion of Dyed Polyester Filament yarn used in goods will increase, with the goal of cost control.

Dyed Polyester Filament has seen a surge in popularity in medical textiles in recent years, with applications ranging from surgical gowns to diapers to goods for internal usage such as surgical operations. Demand is expected to persist.

What are the Prominent Driving Factors of the Dyed Polyester Filament?

Dyed Polyester Filament is used in a variety of industries, including textiles, automotive, and healthcare, among others. Manufacturers favour Dyed Polyester Filament for creating protective garment fabric because of its exceptional properties.

Dyed Polyester Filament’s overall market growth can be attributed to its ease of usage and wide range of industrial applications. Dyed Polyester Filament is also less expensive than its alternatives (nylon, cotton, etc.), making it a more versatile material for a variety of applications.

The adoption of coloured polyester by the automotive and textile industries has resulted in a large increase in demand for Dyed Polyester Filament, which has fueled overall market growth.

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