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Tian Boothe Talks About Her Latest Film E.R. Emotional Release

Creative talent runs in Tian Boothe’s family. The award-winning film director, producer, editor, and songwriter is the niece of Ken Boothe, the Jamaican vocalist, and the sister of Jullian Boothe, the music producer known for his role on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” and manager of the singer, Amara La Negra.

The talented filmmaker is currently working on a short film which is also a narrative music album called E.R. Emotional Release. Besides having written the beautifully orchestrated album, Tian Boothe also stars in it with Cate Kessler. The release of the album E.R. Emotional Release is planned for December 2021.

An Achiever

As an independent director and musician, Tian Boothe has continued to collect personal achievements and accolades. The Jamaican-born American artist is used to being at the top of her game. Throughout her school career and studies, she received distinctions in music, mathematics, accounting, and IT.

The film director is also an influencer and, surprisingly, a software developer. Tian Boothe is known for her dramatic, touching, and fearlessly honest style of filmmaking. This has brought her loads of recognition, both from people in creative circles and fans.

Her film, Fall Break, was nominated as the top student film at the 2016 LACC end-of-year screenings. For the same film, she was nominated film director at the Pierce College AGVS Festival in 2017. Her film Shattered Dream was the Selected Film for the Culture of Life Film Festival in 2018. In the same year, she was selected as a semi-finalist director at the Rebel Minded Festival.

E.R. Emotional Release

In this new world of film and music sharing, everyone can enjoy indie productions from anywhere, whether they are on the move or in the comfort of their home. Artists now can reach audiences through various sharing apps, meaning that they can widen the circle of people who can appreciate their work.

In Tian Boothe’s narrative music album and film, E.R. Emotional Release, the songs are richly orchestrated.

She says: “The songs form a power ballad, reflecting a profound love and the confusion that can be found in the mind of a deep thinker with a sensitive soul. This is all about a woman who grew up with a limited emotional range but finally manages to connect with the first person who reaches out to her. It touches her so deeply that she manages to release the emotions of painful love in what becomes a deeply cathartic process.”

Tian Boothe describes how the narrative was inspired: “This came from a personal experience. I am a daydreamer, and during one of those magical moments, I managed to create a fantasy based on that experience.”

An Important Mentorship

It was during her final term of film studies that Tian Boothe was introduced to Kia Kiso, the multi-award-winning producer of Mile… Mile & A Half, America the Beautiful, and Spiritual Liberation. Kia Kiso went on to become Tian’s mentor.

Since college, Tian Boothe has created content across many genres and has collaborated with people from all walks of life, including world sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. She has also collaborated with Inga Nataya, Cate Kessler, Third World Don aka Mike Beatz, Erika Stasiuleviciut, Kiersten Kay, and Katelyn Kay, to name but just a few.

Understanding Tian Boothe

Tian Boothe has a strong passion for social harmony, which she wants to express through her filmmaking and other projects. She believes the stories she tells can elicit significant emotions that will help inspire change. 

Her studies in IT, cinema production, and music are just a small hint of her vast talents and passions. Tian Boothe has a brown belt in Shotokan Karate, she is a certified makeup artist, and a certified pastry maker and cake decorator.

Tian strongly advocates for the rights of animals to feel protected. She believes every animal is always entitled to receive kind, respectful treatment from every human. For 6 years, Boothe worked as a volunteer animal companion at the Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty.

As a volunteer secretary for Kiwanis International, Tian Boothe has advocated for improving the lives of children and keeping them safe.

While trending on a popular live stream app, Tian Boothe was scouted by Marquee Image Models. Besides enjoying her films that denote her emotionally powerful messages, fans can see her work as a content creator for the Likee app. This girl has no shortage of artistic projects to work on!

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