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This Must-Have Tool Declutters Workspace Information through Smart AI

A major, common misconception about workspace communication is the lack of information – the reality is, there’s an overwhelming abundance of it. There’s a multitude of information sources across the board, both internally and externally. The real challenge is finding the right information at the right time.

One of the biggest hiccups in many businesses is a cluttered communication platform. Slack, for example – the constant messaging, back-and-forths, regular updates, and file exchanges create an endless thread of data that’s mixed with all the irrelevant noises. Now, digging through the avalanche of information is not just a challenging feat, but it’s also exponentially difficult to digest. 

The process of manually summarizing data is not just vulnerable to human errors but also is at risk for the subjectivity of human reporting. One Israeli startup aims to bridge the gap between info overload and efficient summarization: theGist.

How Does theGist Work?

theGist, a one-of-a-kind smart AI and machine learning tool for workspace communication, recently announced the launch of its first product which combines AI and deep learning to summarize any Slack channel or thread with just one click. 

The Gist was built by senior executives from Wix, Blizzard, Dropbox, and OpenWeb who experienced the communication clutter firsthand, and is backed by Aleph and StageOne. Founded by Itay Dressler, Itzik Ben-Bassat, and Nir Zohar, theGist is a product of addressing a challenge that has been long hindering productivity and efficiency at all levels of an organization.

“We want to announce the company with our first product and give people a glimpse of how easy and effective work data can be to consume when it’s short and personalized,” said Itay Dressler, Co-Founder, and CTO of theGist. Its algorithm scours through a thread’s content and instantly creates a short digestible summary of a lengthy conversation. In a nutshell, its goal is to instantly sync team members and boost productivity by eliminating the tedious tasks of going through long threads by providing users with the most relevant information needed.

 “We give employees the shortcut to the main intent behind the vast amount of information in the company by filtering unnecessary noise and redundant messaging that often gets in the way,” says Nick Zohar, Co-Founder of theGist.

The Future of Workspace Communication

theGist is a key player in revolutionizing the future of workspace communication by helping organizations manage information overload, make data-driven decisions, control impending crises, and allow employees to focus on the work. Currently, their team is relentlessly working to release their cutting-edge tool to different platforms outside Slack, servicing multinational companies around the world. 

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