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Diversifying or optimizing your investment portfolio is the key to building financial wealth. Whether you are an individual investor, collaborate with a pool of investors, or own/part of an investment company, managing your portfolio effectively is very important. 

The use of technology is arguably the best way to manage your investment portfolio. An investment management portfolio solution such as Crowdsofts, virtual data rooms, Mint, etc., helps you manage your current investments and give you detailed insights for future investments.

The next thing is how to find the right portfolio management app because there are literally hundreds and thousands of such applications available in the market. That is why we have prepared a list of some of the best apps for investment portfolio management.

Top 5 Software for Investment Portfolio Management

The names mentioned below are useful for companies and individuals or small groups of investors.

1)  Crowdsofts

Crowdsofts is a cloud-based portfolio management solution primarily used by companies or a pool of investors. The software is particularly designed to help companies and firms automate the crowdfunding and crowdlending processes. The best thing about Crowdsoft is that it can get you registered in no time, and you can start a crowdfunding business easily.

Crowdsofts is highly recommended for traders, investors, investment advisors, and brokers. You can use this app for investment management, borrower management, stocks, bonds, business loans, client management, and customer management. Notable features include payment collection, loan servicing, loan processing, funds management, etc.

However, Crowdosfts just supports the cloud-based deployment method.

2) Digital Data Room

Digital dataroom software is also a cloud-based software primarily used for data storage and management, online communication, and deal management. Millions of professionals and companies use the data room software for portfolio management, fundraising, crowdfunding, capital raising, and similar activities.

Virtual data rooms are considered one of the most secure solutions for data management and deal-making. Their banking-grade security makes sure you can easily share and store confidential legal documents, contracts, and other documents. Here is how data room software helps in investment portfolio management.

  •         Free templates for due diligence, investment agreements, Term Sheets, etc.
  •         Secure document repository to store and share confidential documents like contracts, compliances, clients’ details, Deal Bible, etc.
  •         Real-time and end-to-end encrypted communication tools for the individual as well as group communication.
  •         Detailed monthly reports and analytics for better investment practices.
  •         Complete control over your company or personal data.

When it comes to deployment methods, most of the virtual data rooms support Windows, Linux, Mac, and common mobile software like Android and iOS.

Some of the best virtual data room services for portfolio management include iDeals, SecureDocs, DealRoom, Firmroom, and Merrill. Learn more

 3) Foundersuite

Foundersuite is a high-tech solution for companies dealing in crowdfunding, venture capital, private equities, etc. It is also a great tool for investment bankers and consultants. Foundersuite is basically designed for two major elements;

  •         Investor management
  •         Capital or fundraising

The company has already served more than 141,000 investors and investment companies. Apart from that, you can use Foundersuite for Pitch Deck Hosting.

Some of the common users of Foundersuite include small and medium businesses, incubators, startup accelerators, investors, growth companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and investment bankers.

Most notable features include fund management, team assignments, relationship tracking, performance metrics, marketing automation, and lead management. Foundersuite supports Mobile Android, iOS, and web-based deployment. 

4) MRI Software

MRI Software is a purely dedicated and comprehensive tool for real estate investment management. It helps companies manage their diverse portfolio, grow their businesses, minimize potential risks, and manage their financial reporting.

One of the best things about MRI Software Company is its customer support service. They facilitate their customers via live chats, phone support, knowledge base, forums, FAQs, and Help Desk/Email.

MRI Software has a long list of amazing features, including a credit check, contact management, commercial property management, client portal, cash flow analysis, calendar management, benchmarking, asset tracking, billing & invoicing, portfolio rebalancing, insurance management, and risk management.

Deployment methods include Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Web-based.

5) Mint

Mint is one of the best investment management apps for individual investors, especially for the newbies having smaller balances, a limited number of assets, and their asset portfolio management needs are not that complex.

The app can be integrated with your financial accounts, such as saving accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, loan accounts, and investment accounts. You can keep detailed track of investment fees, compare profits in your investments, and view your asset allocation and balance across all accounts.

Some of the notable features include vendor management, profit/loss statements, performance metrics, income statements, balance sheets, general ledger, expense management, data visualization, financial reporting, approval process control, and financial analysis.

Mint supports Android, Mac, and Web-based deployment, and best of all, Mint has a free version as well.

 Final Words

The use of technology in investment portfolio management is inevitable. Any individual or investment company cannot manage their portfolio without investment management tools. Some of the most trusted and famous investment management tools include Mint, MRI Software, Foundersuite, Crowdsofts, and virtual data rooms. 

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