This Data Analysis Leader is Climbing the Ladder of Success and How!

The business of data analysis is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-evolving among the rest today. To keep up with the latest industry trends, one needs to be properly assimilated within the technology horizon that is forever expanding. 

However, to be on the creating end of the latest innovations and trends in the data analytics industry, it takes some exemplary brains and perpetual hard work.

Ankit Sirmorya belongs to that very subset of people. He is a software engineer of Indian origin and an internationally renowned expert in the fields of Data Analysis, AI, and Machine Learning. Sirmorya stands out from the crowd since he has a unique combination of data science and software engineering skills and the projects and models he has worked on have been beneficial to several companies, their customers, and other people in the field of Machine Learning as well. 

Ankit is the person behind Amazon’s innovative shopping experience portal called Amazon Inspire. Amazon’s Inspire portal is represented by a light bulb at the bottom of the Amazon app. Based on customer satisfaction, the Inspire portal provides users with photos and videos of the products they can purchase using the application. 

Sirmorya leads the Amazon Customer Service team, which uses advanced machine learning techniques to create insights on products, photos and videos that are of interest to customers such as interior design, men’s style, women’s style, camping, hiking, yoga and more. The Shop By Interest section on the Amazon app is also a result of Sirmorya’s work. 

He currently holds the position of a Team Lead at Amazon, and is working towards enhancing the online shopping experience for the customers. 

In the past several years, Ankit Sirmorya has created AI-based solutions for Amazon as well as other organizations he has worked with. At Amazon, he employed his Machine Learning prowess to refine personalization algorithms for Alexa, and more. 

Ankit’s work on Video Genre Identification has also been touted as an innovation that vastly helps with the organization of multimedia content which happens to be growing at an unfathomable rate. 

Video genre identification (VGI), or video genre classification, is the process used to classify audio or video content into different genres. Ankit’s work provides a scalable solution that classifies multimedia data according to users’ needs.

Great work cannot remain hidden and it holds true for Ankit’s case as well. He is the recipient of multiple awards in the fields of IT and business, from some of the most prestigious juries around the globe. 

Ankit has been conferred the Stevie’s American Business Award for Technical Professional of the Year category, the Global Achievers Award by the Indian Achievers Forum, the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Internet 2.0 Conference USA, Scientist of the Year Award by the International Achievements Research Center, and the 40 Under 40 Data Scientists Award by Analytics India Magazine. 

Ankit firmly believes in the premise of sharing knowledge to grow collectively as a community. And so, in the continuation of this ideology, he shares his knowledge and experience-based learnings via his YouTube channel ‘Tech Takshila’. He helps new Data Analysis and Machine Learning professionals build their path into the industry successfully. 

Many companies are using the data published on Tech Takshila, too, to build machine learning capabilities and develop pipelines to streamline and implement machine learning models. 

Ankit Sirmorya’s journey serves as an inspiration for the hundred thousands of young minds aspiring to enter the fields of data science, machine learning, AI, and harnessing success while doing work that advances our community at large. 

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