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Things to Do and Avoid when Traveling in Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is only a few months away. Fans from all over the world are looking forwards to the quadrennial event. This iteration of the tournament is also quite intriguing. Firstly, it will begin in November and run till December. Secondly, a Middle Eastern country is hosting World Cup for the first time. Qatar will host the tournament in eight stadiums spread over five cities.

Qatar is one of the smallest nations in the Arabian Gulf. The country makes up for its small size with elegance, culture, and beauty. As a result, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The government is going to utilize the upcoming international event to highlight its tourism-friendly and environmentally sustainable features.

According to Surprise Sports, FIFA already sold over 2 million tickets for the upcoming World Cup. All these visitors will not only attend matches but will also visit other touristic attractions. However, being a Muslim-majority country, Qatar is cautious about several norms and regulations. Thus, we have listed a few dos and don’ts when traveling to Qatar for the upcoming event. If you aren’t traveling, then check our article on the World Cup Live Stream.

Things to Do When Visiting Qatar

Qatar is a Muslim-majority country. So, they mostly wear conservative dresses. While it is not compulsory, they do appreciate visitors dressing modestly. The country recommends covering shoulders and wearing below knee-length pants and skirts.

Qatar is a middle eastern desert country. So, the heat is quite high even in winter. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water when staying there. Furthermore, always keep water with you when traveling outside and attending matches.

Direct sunlight can give people sunburn if they aren’t accustomed to the heat. So, use sunscreen or sunblock lotions with high enough sun protection factors (SPF) when outside. This will protect your skin from getting sunburn.

Bargain with the store owners when purchasing anything from a local store. Avoid giving the shop their initial suggested price. It is often higher than usual for tourists. So, begin at a lesser price than your target and increase gradually until you achieve an agreement.

Don’t forget to visit the popular tourist destinations in the cities. There is always time between matches. Utilize them wisely to visit the local places. Often times they are filled with cultural entertainment and local food chains. Make sure to visit them. Check out our list of places to visit there for more information.

Things to Avoid When Visiting Qatar

Qataris are extremely possessive and careful about their surroundings and hygiene. Due to this, the country is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful nations. They also have rules related to hygiene and cleanliness. Depending on the level of violation a tourist can face a fine of $5,000 to imprisonment. So never go littering around and demolish the beauty of clean surroundings.

Qatari women are quite reserved and wary about strangers. As a result, avoid speaking to any women you are unfamiliar with in public. It is also advised to avoid touching ladies to whom you are not related.

To preserve respect and security, Qatar prohibits photographing selected religious places, military sites, and other places. Therefore, make sure about the local customs before taking photographs. Additionally, avoid taking photos of locals and strangers without their consent. This can lead you to uncertain situations with local law enforcement.

Alcohol is a taboo in Qatar. Therefore, the government prohibits consuming alcohol in open places. But keeping fans in mind, Qatar has elected certain places. These selected restaurants will sell alcohol at a lower price to World Cup visitors. Make sure to only consume alcohol in those selected places. If caught consuming in public, there will be greater consequences.

Final Note

Qatar is a relatively conservative country due to its religious belief. The locals are mostly tolerant and friendly with tourists. Qatar is also working with FIFA to give visitors the best experience possible. As the event will work as a bridge between the West and the Middle East. So, fans are expected to respect certain customs of the small nation when visiting for FIFA World Cup 2022.

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