The Ultimate Solution for Transferring Data from Android to iOS

Android to iOS

As mobile technology evolves, users frequently switch between different operating systems, particularly from Android to iOS. This is because they want to enjoy the new features of iOS and have a different experience. However, moving all the data between these two systems can be challenging due to compatibility differences.

That’s why we need an ultimate and reliable solution for transferring data from Android to iOS. This guide will help you find that tool and show you how you can use it with ease.

Part 1. Overview of MobileTrans App – The Best Data Management App of 2024

When we are going for a complete phone data transfer from Android to iOS, we must be cautious about losing some of our valuable data. The reason for this is the vast difference in the software of both OS, as they do not handle all the data in the same way. To overcome this hurdle, you can try Wondershare MobileTrans, which is the best solution for phone transfer.

This powerful tool allows you to shift even the large files between phones, tablets, and PCs within minutes. You do not even need to factory reset your phone; the tool can cover everything for you and provide a reliable transfer experience. Moreover, it allows you to share large files remotely with complete encrypted security.

Key Features

  1. Device Compatibility: This phone transfer app is compatible with almost every device running on at least Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0.
  2. Offline Support: MobileTrans does not require cellular data for file transfer, increasing its extent of accessibility.
  3. Merge WhatsApp Data: It even offers you a feature to merge your old and new WhatsApp data while phone shifting.

Part 2. How to Transfer Complete Phone Data from Android to iPhone

If you are interested in learning how to use this tool, you will have to download the app on both of your mobile phones. This section will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you transfer data from your old to your new phone:

Step 1. Proceed with Phone-to-Phone Feature

Android to iOS

Once you download MobileTrans App and install it on your mobile phones, launch it and select the “Phone to Phone” tool. Then, hit the “Old Phone” option on your Android and tap the “iPhone” option as your target phone.

Step 2. Access the QR Code Scanner to Connect Both Devices

 Android to iOS

Afterward, launch the app on your iOS device, tap “Phone to Phone” and select “New Phone.” You will be then directed to a QR scan page, ready to connect to your Android phone.

Step 3. Give Permissions and Start the Process

 Android to iOS

Now, give all the required permission access on your Android phone and tap “Next” to generate the QR code. Once generated, scan it from your iOS mobile, tick all data categories, and hit the “Start” button to initiate the data transfer process.

Part 3. How to Migrate WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business Data from Android to iPhone

Transferring the data from your Android WhatsApp to your iPhone is no big deal for this outstanding application. You can easily migrate all your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business data without losing any chat or saved stickers. Go through this detailed guide below to learn how you can use MobileTrans App for this purpose:

Step 1. Choose Android to iPhone WhatsApp Transfer

Android to iOS

Select the “WhatsApp Transfer” feature after opening the MobileTrans App on your Android smartphone. Next, specify whether you want to transfer WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business data and choose the “Android to iPhone” option. Confirm the backup file status and confirm the phone number for Android to iPhone WhatsApp transfer.

Step 2. Choose WhatsApp Data to Transfer

Android to iOS

Following this, confirm the data you want to move from Android’s WhatsApp and press the “Next” button from the bottom. Select the Connect mode through which you want to move the data and hit “Start Transfer” to start shifting the WhatsApp data from Android to iDevice.

Part 4. How to Move Specific Files from Android to iPhone at Blazing-Fast Speed

In the above methods, we discussed transferring the whole phone or WhatsApp data from your Android mobile to your iPhone. However, if you want to move only some selected files between both phones, this method is for you. Just walk through the straightforward steps below to move specific files using this app.

Step 1. Access the File Transfer Tool

The Ultimate Solution for Transferring Data from Android to iOS

After launching the application, tap the “File Transfer” feature from the bottom toolbar to access this feature. Then, go to the “Send” tab from the top-left corner to view several file categories.

Step 2. Select the File to Send from Android

Android to iOS

Now select the desired files that you want to transfer from your Android mobile to iPhone. After that, hit the “Send” button that will lead you to the permission access window. Here, give all the permissions to generate the QR code.

Step 3. Scan QR Code from iPhone

Once you are done with allowing the permissions, open the app from your iPhone, go to “File Transfer,” and then “Receive.” A QR scanner will open that you can use to scan the QR code of your Android phone to connect successfully and initiate the transfer.

Android to iOS


In conclusion, many of us are shifting from Android to iOS to take a unique and distinct experience of its operating system. But there is a critical need to have software that allows us to transfer all kinds of data across different OS devices. This guide has discussed the best data management app that users can try in 2024.

Using MobileTrans App, you can switch between devices without worrying about data loss. For further queries regarding the data transfer from Android to iOS, check out this link to get informed.

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