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The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Social Media Engagement with Idigic

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The world of social media is an ever-changing place. New platforms and trends emerge all the time, making it harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It just means you need to find new ways to reach your audience, build brand awareness and get your content shared – as well as keep tabs on what your competitors are up to so their strategies don’t catch you unawares. 

Keeping track of all these different moving parts can be tricky

but thankfully there are plenty of tools out there that make the job a little easier. Users who feel connected to brands will buy more of their products, which is why social media engagement is so important for businesses of any size. In this blog post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Idigic and other social media management tools like it.

What is Idigic?

Idigic is a social media engagement tool that aims to boost your social media reach. It claims to help you “share content effectively and boost your engagement across all major social media platforms”. It’s based on the premise that social media isn’t just about promoting your business, it’s also about listening to your target audience and reacting to what they have to say. Clearly, social media is a hugely popular way of connecting with potential and current customers, but it’s also a very noisy place. How do you make sure your content gets seen amid the sea of posts from other businesses?

How does Idigic work?

Idigic has a range of ways to help you boost your social media engagement. First, it can automatically schedule your posts, meaning you can publish new content as often as you like, whenever you like. This can help you ensure your followers aren’t being bombarded by posts, while also giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Next, it has tools that let you find and identify the best times to post your content. This can help you get in front of the right audience – for example, if you know your target audience are more likely to be online at certain times of the day, you can make sure your posts are published at those times.

Why is social media engagement so important?

Social media engagement is important for a few reasons. First, it gives you an opportunity to get in front of your target audience and build brand awareness. This is crucial for any business, as it helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with your customers. It also gives you an opportunity to listen to your audience and respond to their needs, which can drive more brand loyalty and help you stand out from the competition.

What’s included in the Idigic package?

The Idigic package includes all the tools you need to boost your social media engagement across all major platforms. Essentially, you are given access to an online dashboard where you can schedule posts, write posts, track results, and view the analytics for each of your accounts. There’s also a keyword research tool, so you can better understand what your audience is searching for and what they want to see. The package also comes with a handy photo editor, so you can spruce up images before sharing them across social media.

How much does Idigic cost?

The Idigic enterprise plan is priced at $59.95 per month, while the standard plan costs $39.95 per month. If you sign up for the annual plan, you’ll save a little bit of cash, with the enterprise plan costing $49.95 per month, and the standard plan $29.95 per month. An annual plan is a great option for businesses that want to save some cash, but don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract.

Is Idigic the right tool for your business?

Idigic is a great way to boost your social media engagement across all major platforms. It’s a powerful social media management tool that lets you seamlessly schedule, write and track posts across all your social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. It also comes with a few handy extras, like an easy-to-use photo editor, so you can spruce up your images before sharing them online. If you’re looking for a social media engagement tool that can help you stand out from the crowd, Idigic is a great option.

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