The Seek Hash GBT Miner is the world’s most powerful Ethereum mining ASIC

Ever since Ethereum gained traction earlier this year, we’ve seen countless gaming graphics cards repurposed for mining, often in egregious quantities. With the silicon shortage expected to persist through 2021, miners may have to look at GPU alternatives. Here’s where ASICs (application-specific integrated circiut) come in. Seek Hash (, a company specialising in crypto-specific ASICs, has launched GBT miner tailor-made for cryptocurrency.

It comes with significant upgrades across the board, including a hash rate of 15 GH/s, which is quite a step up from the DBT’s 5 GH/s. That extra performance comes at an exceptionally high power draw of 2200W. 

Seek Hash is yet to reveal the GBT’s price. Estimates put it between US$20,000 to US$30,000, given that it is the most potent Ethereum mining ASIC on the market at the moment. However, its launch comes in a bit late, as the graphics card market is beyond salvage at this point. Furthermore, the miner will be an expensive paperweight once Ethereum moves over to the proof of stake model, which designates value based on how much you own rather than a proof of work value which relies on how much processing power you have to offer.

Could this be the solution to the graphics card shortage? Well, the answer could be either yes or no. If Seek Hash can manage to produce the GBT in large enough quantities, it could certainly be a large part of the solution to the graphics card shortage. Instead of graphics cards going into the hands of cryptocurrency miners, the miners will be occupied with the ASIC miner and consumers will finally be able to get their hands on the newest graphics cards. More realistically, Seek Hash will most likely not be able to produce the GBT on a large enough scale due to the global semiconductor shortage.

Seek Hash designed its crypto miners with the goal of making crypto mining easy and profitable for all, including the newbies. Once these miners are delivered, anyone can start mining simply by connecting the unit to a power socket and accessing it through WiFi or cable, and entering the pool data. Users also have the option of joining Seek Hash’ own mining pool that has a 0% fee. Also, the company covers the delivery and custom fees for its customers.

All the miners from Seek Hash are built around the latest ASIC technology. An ASIC or application-specific integrated circuit is a microchip designed for a special application. Powered by 5nm ASIC chips, the mining rigs from Seek Hash offer extraordinary hash rates and energy efficiency for mining bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero. As a result, the profitability of these miners is second to none in the current crypto market.

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About Seek Hash: Seek Hash was founded in 2016 by a team of technology leaders with a track record of working for the world’s most prodigious companies in the past. Dedicated to bringing the latest crypto-mining technology to the public, the company has recently introduced its exquisite line of advanced ASIC miners. Unlike most other crypto mining hardware manufacturers, Seek Hash continuously works towards making crypto mining easy and profitable for all regardless of their experience and knowledge.

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