The Popular KStarCoin Team and the Strategic Partnerships

For any project to succeed, two things are a must; One is the foundation that makes it solid, which is found in the shape of a team. A team that is diverse, experienced, sharp and knows what they are doing. The second is the right connections. During the project phase and after, the right set of alliances with other organizations can make that small difference that sets a business apart from others.

This is also true for the blockchain era, where thousands of projects are working at any given time. The project ambitions may be good, the concept could be great and the demand unprecedented, but if the team is not well tuned and aware of the ever-changing decentralization ecosystem, the project will fail.

KStarCoin’s Team

A team with over 8 million followers, the KStatCoin team understand very well, the Korean Culture and the market they are promoting. Behind the project are also some able hands in blockchain technology. The KStarCoin team is comprised of veterans from different fields and newcomers who have the skills and the knowledge to transform how fans of K culture all over the world get to interact with their favorite stars, idols, while experiencing the amazing South Korean culture.

The team consists of:

  • Lee- Hee Yung: Yung is the CEO of the project. He has worked in the past in big data organizations, leading medical related big data in collaboration with Ministry of Science, ICT, Future planning and HIRA. He was also the CEO of MEDIVentures, a company that developed a medical application platform that was very sought after in South Korea with more than a million downloads. He also has marketing skills that he developed while working with Groupon Korea as a Strategic Marketing Manager.
  • Jeong Ji-Eun: Mr. Jeong is the Chief Financial Officer, whose experiences in working in the top slot of different organizations has given him a peculiar set of skills that are vital of KStarCoin. He has worked as Strategy and Planning Manager for the Bokwang Group and has helped different companies in mergers and acquisitions, including manufacturing, logistics and retails organizations.
  • Kim Tae Hyoung: The CTO, he is an expert in the blockchain, web programming and tracking systems. He has worked with a major marketing platform and a mobile app developer.
  • Eric Lee: The COO, he looks after the day-to-day affairs of the company. A sound financial advisor, he has worked with the biggest names in South Korea, helping them create portfolios for their clients worth from USD 50,000 to 50 million.

The Strategic Partnerships

When it comes to creating alliances and teaming up, KStarCoin does not lack there at all.  IT has made a number of partnerships with different organizations. Working in tandem with each, the Korean Culture platform has gained the very edge its competitors seek and now it is far ahead of the curve:

  • Busan One Asia Festival: One of the largest festivals in the Asian market, the Busan One boasts some of the biggest singers and attracts the largest crowds. The partnership is exploring concerts of fan idols through KStarCoin’s unique crowdfunding and black proof ticketing system to not only bring down costs but also enable fans to watch their idols in real life.
  • HumanScape: Collaborating with a firm that is not related to the KStar industry may seem strange at first sight, but HumanScape is a blockchain organization that is a big data company collecting information for medical practitioners and researchers to help find cures for different diseases. KStar, with its millions of users, when willing to share their personal health data, will make a huge impact in HumanScape’s objectives.
  • HintChain: Helping people through making food-related choices, the platform fits in perfectly with KStarCoin. When thousands of people will attend concerts, the HintChain’s data will come in handy to fans to get the right type of food.
  • SOBLO: A Society of BLOckchain, SOBLO is a consortium of four different blockchain organizations. Led by KStarCoin, it has three more founding members. Doongle, a digital penpal service connects more than 3800 cities from 118 countries, allowing like-minded people to interact. LegalBlock is a legal service on the blockchain, allowing for faster services with reduced costs to the public. Underpin is a multi-platform ecosystem that connects people of like mind together to not only meet similar people but allowing the building of virtual teams working towards a common goal. Its other platforms, Talentchain and Potal allow sharing and value addition to arts and culture. With these four platforms connected together, they are able to share their computing resources, allowing for more nodes, increased efficiency and decreased startup costs. Another major benefit is the increase in a number of transactions capable simultaneously. KStarCoin is now capable of hundreds of transactions a second without the network-clogging at all.

With such a dynamic and trained team, along with strategic partnerships, KStarCoin is on a path where it will experience nothing but success after success.

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