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The Motley Fool; A Rule Breakers Guide

When you play the stock market, you choose to invest in a stock and hope that your money compounds into a high return. This happens when the company you invest your money into performs well in the future. 

Without being a fortune teller, there are no tangible ways to decipher the outcome of any given stock pick. But there are master players in this game who have crafted expert portfolios that tend to do well most of the time.

The Motley Fool is one of those players who has played the stock market and won.  They acknowledge that it’s almost impossible to bank every shot, but the risk of missing is drastically lower expert insight. And that is precisely what The Motley Fool offers through their financial and investing advice. 

What is The Motley Fool?

The Motley Fool is a private financial and investing advice company created by brothers David Gardner and Tom Gardner. Their foolish investing philosophy evolves around a well-diversified portfolio with long-term holding. They offer premium services like Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and Everlasting Stocks. 

The Gardner brothers believe that the key to hitting it big in the stock market is to routinely funnel new money into your portfolio while riding stocks through market volatility. They think that holding for longer than five years will help you achieve the highest return.

The Motley Fool’s goal is to make your life easier, happier, and more prosperous. They do this by giving you the stock picks that they would choose for themselves. And remember, they have won. So, can you really beat the stock market with the Motley Fool?

The Motley Fool’s Track Record

If you look at The Motley Fool’s track record, you will gain trust in the company. The majority of the time (60-70%), they choose winning stock picks. Remember, holding long-term is critical with The Motley Fool. So, please take a look at how a few of their stock picks are doing years later.

It’s safe to say that The Motley Fool has built confidence within its institution. Now that they have your attention, let’s say that you want to be a stock market millionaire. Can the Motley Fool get you there?

Rule Breakers Program

If you are interested in high-interest returns on your stock picks, Rule Breakers is definitely for you. Created as a service through the Motley Fool, this “Rule Breaker” program focuses on industry rule breakers. Hence the name, these stock picks surprise investors by catapulting their products into profits.

Industry rule-breakers like Netflix, Apple, and Etsy all have turned everyday investors into millionaires. Why shouldn’t that be you?

Since the Rule Breakers program with The Motley Fool is relatively new, you might be wondering if they have shared in these successes. Their newsletters have covered the likes of Tesla, Facebook, and Shopify.

This high-interest stock-picking phenomenon has already proven that The Motley Fool stays on top of financial market trends. 

With Rule Breaker picks already outpacing the market average ten times over, you can rest assured that Motley Fool’s advice has incredible value. Let’s look at what this program has to offer.

Rule Breakers Premium Access

As a Motley Fool Rules Breaker Subscriber, you will get access to:

  • Two in-depth analyses of expert-picked stocks with access to the risk expectations.
  • A list of 5 buy now stock recommendations 
  • A list of 10 starter household name stock picks that consistently do well
  • Access to performance numbers, community, and investing resources

Retrieve these top-quality features for a little over $16 a month. Making this an affordable option for investors that want to increase their revenue, possibly in a short period.

High Volatility; When to Buy and Sell

No one is going to be holding your hand through the Rule Breakers program, which admittedly drafts stock picks like Tesla with high volatility. The ups and downs of these stocks make risk management a strategic asset when deciding what to buy and sell.

As buy and hold investors, the Gardner Brothers have a financial plan of not selling for at least five years. Selling a stock garners just as much extensive research as buying a stock.

If a stock plummets, are you capable of not hitting that sell button and holding strong? It’s imperative to factor in your risk tolerance before opting for high volatility stock picks.

The Motley Fool and Diversification

As recommended within The Rule Breakers program, household stock pick names are an asset for diversifying your portfolio. Stocks like Starbucks, Netflix, and Zoom consistently outperform losses.  Therefore, keeping these winners within your investment portfolio can outweigh the riskier stock picks.

Risk Tolerance 

You’ve probably familiar with the phrase “high risk, high reward,” but is it genuine in the investing world? The answer is a little more complex—several factors go into a stock pick other than its singular risk/reward trade-off.  

Trained financiers calculate their risks utilizing several factors. If you’re not a financial expert, you could fall victim to the pitfalls of investing without proper financial advice.

Is the Rule Breakers Program For You?

Shakespeare’s Motley Fool was able to bridge the gap between the court and the common people. The Gardner brothers have done the same by bringing wall street expertise to average investors. They have changed lives and redistributed wealth.

You don’t have to be a financial expert to make your money work for you. You just have to get started. Assess your financial goals and risk tolerance by joining The Motley Fool today.

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