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The most economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to Diesel Generators is here.

At a time when India is looking for revolutionary changes to establish an eco-friendly environment, a solar startup Su-vastika comes up with the latest development, which is a crucial necessity in our country.  Recently Su-vastika launched up to 500 KVA Lithium Battery UPS as an Alternative to Diesel Generators.

Su-vastika is a Gurugram-based solar startup founded by Ms. Khushboo Sachdev and mentored by the inverter Man of India, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. 

Realizing the need of customers across industries, Ms. Khushboo Sachdev, Under the Guidance of Kunwer Sachdev, has constantly been working to discover revolutionary developments in power backup sources. Today Su-vastika has its Patent Technology on Heavy Duty UPS, contributing to an eco-friendly environment. It has designed a range of state-of-the-art Heavy-Duty UPS starting from 10 KVA to 500 KVA (3 Phase) that provides:

Their new product, Lithium Battery UPS with up to 500KVA capacity, is a great alternative to Diesel generators. Especially in today’s time, pollution through DG sets has become a burning issue in Delhi, NCR, and other places in India. 

These inverters from Su-vastika range from 10 KVA to 500 KVA, proving to be an ideal replacement for ever-polluting and costly diesel generators. They can be used in societies, commercial buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, malls, and any other place where a Diesel Generator is being used.  The inverters by Su-vastika carry the capacity to run the same load on the Heavy Duty UPS as the Generators but in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way. However, these machines should not be dismissed as a whole. Finding used generators for sale is still a viable option for those who may need backup power at a lower cost. But be careful about your energy consumption.

What makes the Su-vastika Heavy Duty UPS truly efficient are the technology patents that are the foundation of their innovative products.

Let’s have a look at some of the many technology patents that Su-vastika holds:

  1. Patent 396079 – A System And Method For Providing Backup To A Consumer-Friendly Lift/Elevator.

This is based on the 3 Phase storage solutions specifically developed for lifts and Escalators. Lifts and escalators use a decade-old technology called ARD which stops the lift with a big bang and can only help the lift to open the gate at the nearest floor. This technology has a very fast switchover time, and no lift comes to know of a power failure. Lifts or escalators keep working as a normal operation even if the power is cut for a complete day. This is a technology that will help the consumer to eliminate the generator and can also add a solar power system to run the lift without any grid as well.

  1. Patent 399112 – An IoT-Based System And Method For Multiple Battery Selection.

The IoT-based system is designed where the server has the charging profile of all kinds of batteries. Any new battery charge profile can be added, given by the manufacturer of the battery, and can be programmed through the IoT into the microprocessor of the EV charger, solar charge controller, Inverter and UPS, etc.

  1. Patent 403781 – An IoT-Based System To Perform Multiple Tests With Adjustable Test Sequence And Test Limits As Well As To Calibrate The Testing Device Periodically.

This patent is about testing transformers used in various applications like isolation transformers for Solar Systems, Inverter/ UPS transformers, Online UPS, Stabilizer transformers, Electric Vehicle Chargers having isolation transformers, etc. All these single-phase or 3-phase transformers have testing parameters that are very important to test before these transformers are used inside the manufacturing process. Su-vastika has developed a lot of parameters to be tested, which will be tested through the Power Analyzers and other testing equipment. That data is tested and analyzed online by uploading it to the server. The testing parameters can be installed through the server and can be changed according to the need of the different transformer parameters.

  1. Patent 403377 – Hand Held Test/ Comparison Device For Comparing

BMS helps protect against overcharging, over current, over voltage, under temperature, leak current, and discharging below the threshold limit to avoid any damage. BMS also helps with energy and temperature management. 

This new innovation, which is an IoT-based BMS technology, can be used to test both active and passive BMS technology.

Let’s see in detail why the UPS by Su-vastika is a better alternative than a DG set.

  • The cost of running a UPS by Su-vastika is 75% cheaper than the cost of running a DG set. 
  • Su-vastika UPS can be integrated with Solar Technology to generate electricity, reducing the power bill, and is a much greener alternative to the DG set.
  • When used with Lithium Battery, the inverters by Su-vastika can store energy and are hence called Energy Storage Devices. Something that a DG Set can never do. This is the same battle-tested battery technology based on LifePO4 and used by EVs.
  • Su-vastika UPs can be fully charged in 4 hours, ensuring that when there is a power failure, the building is ready with enough power as a backup without ever having to use polluting diesel. 
  • Su-vastika Heavy Duty UPS is much faster to start, as it uses advanced Static switches that reduce switching time to just 2ms to 5ms, which is fast enough to prevent a computer and the majority of sensitive equipment from resetting.
  • The backup time provided by them can be extended by using solar power in conjunction with the battery bank, giving super-flexibility to meet any kind of demand.

To summarise, the Heavy Duty UPS by Su-vastika is a far superior alternative to DG sets as it has the following: 

  • High energy storage
  • Fast switching technology
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • Lifelong usage with long-lasting batteries
  • And provides protection for machinery and appliances during power surges.

It is safe to say that today when the world is looking for new technologies to save energy and resources and phase out polluting and demanding DG sets, Su- vastika has the right answer.

About Su-Vastika

Su-vastika is one of the fastest-growing startups with a strong presence in international regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.  Recently Su-vastika Systems Private Limited has earned recognition as a Star Export House from the Government of India based on its export performance. This makes the company the first startup in the hardware sector to get the certification.


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