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Indian Startup Su-vastika Solar Received 4 Technology Patents With Over 30 more Pending for Approval

Indian Startup Su-vastika Solar Received 4 Technology Patents With Over 30 more Pending Approval

Summary: Su-vastika Solar is an India-based power storage start-up company set to revolutionize the power storage sector with its technology and design innovations.

Su-vastika is one of India’s most promising power storage and power start-up companies. The company develops energy storage systems for a more sustainable future. Led by Khushboo Sachdev, Su-vastika hopes to disrupt the solar energy and backup industries with consistent innovation and improvement at every stage of its manufacturing and supply process.

Su-vastika is excited and happy to announce that the Government of India has granted them a series of technology patents that will help the company offer innovative power storage solutions to Indian and Global customers. 

The company has filed for 40 technology patents, out of which 4 have been granted. There are also over 80 design patents filed, and approvals are coming in daily. 

Below are the details of all 4 technology patents granted to Su-vastika: 

  1. Patent 396079 – A System And Method For Providing Backup To A Consumer-Friendly Lift/Elevator.

This is based on the 3 Phase storage solutions specifically developed for lifts and Escalators. Lifts and escalators use a decade-old technology called ARD which stops the lift with a big bang and can only help the lift to open the gate at the nearest floor. This technology has a very fast switchover time, and no lift comes to know of a power failure. Lifts or escalators keep working as a normal operation even if the power is cut for a complete day. This is a technology that will help the consumer to eliminate the generator and can also add a solar system to run the lift without any grid as well.

  1. Patent 399112 – An IoT-Based System And Method For Multiple Battery Selection.

The IoT-based system is designed where the server has the charging profile of all kinds of batteries. Any new battery charge profile can be added, given by the manufacturer of the battery, and can be programmed through the IoT into the microprocessor of the EV charger, solar charge controller, Inverter and UPS, etc.

  1. Patent 403781 – An IoT-Based System To Perform Multiple Tests With Adjustable Test Sequence And Test Limits As Well As To Calibrate The Testing Device Periodically.

This patent is about testing transformers used in various applications like isolation transformers for Solar Systems, Inverter/ UPS transformers, Online UPS, Stabilizer transformers, Electric Vehicle Chargers having isolation transformers, etc. All these single-phase or 3-phase transformers have testing parameters that are very important to test before these transformers are used inside the manufacturing process.

Su-vastika has developed a lot of parameters to be tested, which will be tested through the Power Analyzers and other testing equipment. That data is tested and analyzed online by uploading it to the server. The testing parameters can be installed through the server and can be changed according to the need of the different transformer parameters

  1. Patent 403377 – Hand Held Test/ Comparison Device For Comparing

BMS helps protect against overcharging, over current, over voltage, under temperature, leak current, and discharging below the threshold limit to avoid any damage. BMS also helps with energy and temperature management. 

This new innovation, which is an IoT-based BMS technology, can be used to test both active and passive BMS technology.

For the first time in India, Su-vastika brings an inverter with an in-built digital warranty. A user who installs a UPS then only starts, and the clock runs inside a microprocessor. The model with a display will show the warranty status, and even if a model doesn’t have a display, the company can still check the warranty status and when it was started. One of the biggest benefits of this process is that if a user stops the inverter for some time, the warranty clock will also stop, and once the inverter is started, then the time calculation will continue. This feature also allows dealers to sell older inverters with the warranty intact inside the inverter. The customer can also enjoy a warranty even if they misplace their bill. With this patent, Su-vastika is also bringing the power of an in-built digital warranty to the EV sector.

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