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The Life-Changing Benefits of a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

You must have heard many of the positive benefits of the 200-hour yoga teacher training in India. However, it can impact you in more ways than you do not know of. It is the best possible way to start your journey in the yogic field today. You may be a yoga practitioner, without certifications, or you may have never done a ‘Padmasana’. However, the moment you visit and enrol for a course of this stature, things in your life start to fall into place. 

Yoga is one of the strongest holistic modalities across the world today. It can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to say the least. However, what most people today know of, are the asanas. That idea will change now. The yoga teacher training can be an all-important facilitator for ultimate happiness in your life, though. 

Today, you will learn about the life-changing benefits of yoga. Read about them in detail here. 

Benefits Of Yoga TTC That Can Change Your Life 

  • Core Transformation – Your personal growth will take a new direction with the yoga teacher training in India. No matter, if you have ever practiced yoga, or are completely new, this will be a journey to remember. It is proven, that yoga increases flexibility and strength. However, it creates lasting changes in your mind. Learn and explore yogic philosophy, which can lead to several unanswered questions getting answered. You can also discover multiple aspects about the relationships and their mind-set, once you have read about the same in the Vedic scripts. Your overall health is also positively affected. 
  • Comprehensive And Authentic Knowledge – When you enroll for the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and have spent some time attending the classes, you will see subtle changes happening. Your knowledge will increase for the best. Moreover, it won’t be something superficial, like the ones students get in a neighbourhood studio. The syllabus is quite elaborate and includes yoga anatomy, physiology, philosophy, teaching pedagogy, alignments and modifications and more. You will have an explanation for most queries that students in your own class shoot at you. 
  • Self-Empowerment – As you proceed through the sessions, your growth is inevitable. You will find that you become in control of the situations in your life, and also your attitude. You get empowered, so much so that your confidence increases manifold and you are able to bring changes into the lives of others. It will make you whole not just as a future teacher, but also as a human being. You will have a voice of your own in society and people will also look up to you for advice.
  • Teaching Prowess – Such programs are intense as you are made to repeat, learn, and then re-learn in a matter of a month. You do not get a chance to overlook anything. Being fast-paced, you will be able to learn how to multi-task in every sphere of your life. You learn how to demonstrate postures and other yogic practices, in front of a room full of students of mixed calibre. You will also be able to improve your communications, as that is the forte of a yoga teacher. The course will take you through your paces, in a month’s time. 
  • Community Building – You will become a part of a close-knit family, in which you will be exchanging global information about this holistic science. The connections that you form during the training are for a whole life. Moreover, these connections will help you in your journey of yoga. Many students often land yoga teaching jobs across the globe. Many even become lifelong friends. Some even develop emotional support system through the peer group. 
  • Professional Excellence – You will be able to gain qualifications at an international level. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance which is the highest authoritative body in this sector. You can apply for RYT 200 qualification after completing the course as well. As the market grows, the demand for such qualified teachers will go up. So, you are going to excel in every manner possible. Most schools across the world hire teachers, with a minimum RYT 200 qualification. So, you are ahead of the thousands who graduate from other schools. 


While these are the life-changing benefits that you get on enrolling and pursuing the 200-hour Yoga ttc, things go beyond this. The course sessions are so enriching that you will be able to learn yoga inside out. The best part about the course is the school’s location. India is practically where everything started from. The ambience will be helpful in every step, to pursue yoga. You will find holy spots across the place, which act as an inspiration for you in your yogic journey. Practicing in an ashram-like place will enhance the traditional delivery of knowledge. You imbibe every drop of knowledge, from the learned masters. This is such a divine experience that you will simply sink in, without any intention to leave the realm. 

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