The Importance Of A Laser Marking Machine For Metal

Laser Marking Machine

Lasers are powerful rays of light. In fact, they are created when electrons absorb energy, generally from light or an electric current. This makes them useful and potentially dangerous. The biggest risks associated with lasers are dust and debris which can enter the eye. The laser light can also be blinding and there is a need to monitor exhaust gases for toxicity.

That’s why businesses and individuals don’t generally invest in a laser marking machine for metal, it’s safer to use the services offered by a specialist firm. There are plenty of reasons to choose laser marking.

It’s Simple

Laser marking on metal doesn’t involve any contact with the metal, making it a hygienic option. In addition, the metal doesn’t need to be specially prepared or treated. A laser machine will simply eat a tiny channel out of the metal to create a specific pattern or words.

All that needs to be done is for the laser to be programmed and the metal to be positioned correctly. The laser will then do all the work. It’s a very simple process.

Laser Marking Is Permanent

Most products made from metal are done so because they will be living and working in harsh environments. This can mean constant exposure to the elements or a mixture of other issues. If a sticker is applied to the metal item then it will undoubtedly become worn or even fall off.

In contrast, the metal engraving is permanent, ensuring the item can always be identified and used correctly.

Low Risk Of Contamination

When engraving in the traditional fashion it is possible that foreign bodies can be introduced to the engraving process. However, when a laser is used there is no contact between any materials. In short, this dramatically reduces the likelihood of any contamination and the subsequent issues to the metal.

It’s Efficient

There is no better way of marking metal accurately and quickly. Laser machines aren’t subject to human errors in judgement and can work continuously when required.

This ensures a laser marking machine can offer higher levels of productivity at lower costs, decreasing fulfilment time and improving the flexibility of supply for everyone in the supply chain.

The correct use of laser marking machines helps with the tracking of metal items. This can help to reduce the need for additional raw materials, effectively contributing toward a greener planet and sustainability for the future.

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