The Future of Web3 is at ETHDenver 2023: We Explore Standout Projects and Innovators

ETHDenver 2023

ETHDenver, the world’s largest annual Ethereum event, returned to Denver in February 2023, solidifying the Rocky Mountain region and the State of Colorado as a thriving hub of Ethereum and blockchain innovation. The free-to-attend event kicked off with #BUIDLWeek from February 24 to March 1st, offering workshops and events for developers and creators to connect with sponsors and other #BUIDLers, learn new tools and skills, and prepare for the ETHDenver #BUIDLathon.

The Future of Web3 is at ETHDenver 2023

During #BUIDLWeek and the following #BUIDLathon hackthon, among hundreds of projects, a few deceptively simple projects stood out, including QuestGPT, Sesame Wallet, and Swappy.

QuestGPT was a small community-focused hackathon project that caught the attention of many builders. It was a GPT-powered Game Master for Discord servers, functioning as both a game and a community tool. Its simplicity appealed to many, amassing over 300 users within five days of its existence. The project boasted impressive engagement stats, and had its API hit over 5500 times during the duration of the event. 

ETHDenver 2023

Most web3 projects live or die based on their community engagement. In this way, QuestGPT has the potential to be a game changer for the web3 space by offering a new and innovative way to drive community engagement and adoption. Not surprisingly, CommunityOne, The  team behind QuestGTP has won the best dapp award from Best projects tend to comeup to the top, and it was the case at this EthDenver. For those curious to give it a shot, you can start your own D&D Ai powered adventure here

“It’s the community that actually pushes the project, without the community [it’s like] you literally have no project. If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?”Charles Gregory

The Future of Web3 is at ETHDenver 2023

Sesame Wallet was an offline wallet that allowed its users to send transactions over SMS. The team focused on one of the largest barriers to entry into web3: a good internet connection. Coincidentally, the ETHDenver event was plagued by poor wifi and phone service due to the sheer number of attendees, allowing the team and project to shine under such circumstances.

Sesame Wallet’s innovation could increase the security of Web3 transactions, encourage more people to participate in Web3, and ultimately lead to greater decentralization and democratization of finance. Do you want to try it? Sesame Wallet test net is live and available here

  • As of January 2022, it is estimated that 3.9 billion people around the world are not connected to the internet. This represents approximately 50% of the global population.
  • The vast majority of people without internet access live in low- and middle-income countries, where access to technology and infrastructure may be limited.
  • In Africa, only 28.2% of the population has access to the internet, compared to 87.2% in North America and 69.6% in Europe.

Swappy was an infrastructure project that aimed to simplify cross-chain swaps through the use of AI and natural language. The protocol allows users to describe their cross-chain swap operations in everyday language, making the process more accessible and user-friendly. Swappy’s ChatGPT-powered interface enables users to simply type their request, and the Squid Router and Axelar Network work together to execute the swap automatically. 

The Swappy Team’s approach significantly reduces the barriers to entry for cross-chain swaps, making it a much more user-friendly experience. Their use of natural language removes the need for users to have technical knowledge, making cross-chain swaps more accessible to a wider range of people. To learn more about the team behind Swappy check out their twitter

The Future of Web3 is at ETHDenver 2023

ETHDenver 2023 showcased some of the most innovative and exciting developments in the web3 space, with projects like QuestGPT, Sesame Wallet, and Swappy highlighting the importance of community engagement, accessibility, and adoption. 

ETHDenver has once again demonstrated its significance as the world’s largest annual Ethereum event by providing a platform for builders and creators to showcase their ideas and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. With its focus on #BUIDLWeek and #BUIDLathon, ETHDenver continues to incubate the next generation of developers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and shaping the future of web3.

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