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The Future of Virtual Phone Numbers: Trends to Watch in 2023 and Beyond 

30 years ago, mobile communication was an innovation that changed the world. Today, virtual phone numbers do the same. They are actively used in various fields and change our way of life. In the future, IP telephony will continue to play a critical role in business processes, become more technologically advanced, and revolutionize the voice and video communications industry in the private and business sectors. If you are not yet using a digital number, then follow this link and keep up with the times.

What to expect from virtual numbers?

First, let’s remember what a virtual number (VN) is. It is a way to make calls or SMS over the Internet. You don’t need telephone sets, cables, and any equipment other than a device connected to the Web. We are already accustomed to online technologies, but the IP telephony industry is preparing new breakthroughs for its customers. Let’s start with the most obvious and expected — artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence has rapidly burst into our lives and begun to amaze us with its limitless possibilities. The cloud phone numbers industry is no exception. Can AI replace support operators in your company? Barely. However, it is clear that already this year, we will see the growth of automation with the help of a digital brain. And this will entail the creation of new methods of work for enterprises.

Advanced analytics

If the industry does not develop, it loses competition. Today, competitive advantage is achieved not by finding natural resources but by making small improvements in customer service. IP telephony offers complex data for analyzing the company’s activities. This data can be visualized, and better management decisions can be made based on it. In 2023, digital number owners can look forward to advanced analytics tools. These tools will allow companies to track and analyze even more precise call data, providing insight into customer behavior and preferences.

Integration with CRM systems

This is not a fundamental innovation, but it is clear that integration will increase. This will allow you to build a closer relationship with each client and accurately meet their needs. Perhaps, even new CRMs will appear that will not require manual entry, and all information will appear there automatically using IP telephony and artificial intelligence.

Use in mobile phones

Already today, the best smartphones refuse physical SIM cards and work with virtual ones. This trend will continue, and it is likely that in a few years, mobile communications will become as rare as stationary PBXs today. Moreover, with the development of 5G technology, the quality of communication will be so high that you will be able to use broadband data transmission and video calls from anywhere in the world.


Can we reliably predict the future? If we talk about technology, then yes, we can. Most innovations are the product of years of research and development. Any innovations and trends that we discuss today are the results of the strategy of the best companies. There is no doubt that virtual phone numbers will become more and more popular and occupy new niches.

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