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The Future of Remote Work

Most remote workers expect to continue working from home for the rest of their career. While remote work has proven to have several advantages over the previous model, it comes with a few kinks. To start, there are too many video meetings. 71% of remote workers report wasting time every week in unnecessary meetings. A majority of them say they have more meetings now than they did in person. Too many video meetings causes Zoom fatigue and exhaustion. 

Another problem is task switching. Employees use an average of 9 apps a day to complete their duties. Digital work is fractured, spread across apps and devices alike. Switching from app to app tanks productivity, causing up to a 40% loss. Even something as simple as waiting for a meeting to start or finding the right link can cost precious minutes every day. 

Moreover, some employees miss the social interactions they could have in a physical office. The future of work needs to adapt to people’s needs as they emerge. Working from anywhere must include community and connection, whether it happens in person or online. A solution in development is the creation of a digital office building, complete with floors and rooms.

The Future of Work & Online Events

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